2018 BKS Convention Classes


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Marc Tickle: Demonstration

マーク・ティクル デモンストレーション

DEFYING GRAVITY: Advanced mirror cutting techniques for 3-dimensional images


Price to be determined

Number of students: 15 each class

“I will be showing my technique for optical illusions. The techniques I will be showing took me 18 years to develop. I will show my special method of cutting multiple curves into mirror, and using these techniques to make 3D floating images. I have developed a very special way to cut the mirror in curves and have a very clean cut that requires no sanding or alterations. All the techniques I will demonstrate are done by hand with no equipment other than a glass cutter, a pair of breaking pliers and an X-Acto knife. I will have some materials already prepared for the construction, but the mirror cutting will be done in the demo. I will be sharing a lot of information, and must stress that I have practiced these methods for a long time, and a person new to this might have difficulty practicing what I do, but I will be showing exactly how I do it.”

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