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History of Kaleidoscopes – Special Exhibit

Charles Bush 1825-1900 SP1_Bush_Charles_ParlorKaleidoscope_collectionKaradimos web
Inventory Number: SP 1
Parlor Kaleidoscope
Historical Kaleidoscope
Media: Leather, Wood, Glass; Year Created: c. 1880
Value ($1,400) Charles Karadimos Collection

Corki Weeks SP8_Weeks_Corki_web
Inventory Number: SP 8
Signature Series
Creative Ingenuity Award 1986
Media: Brass; Year Created: 1986
Value ($200) Mary Wills-Nellie Bly Collection

Barbara Mitchell 1942-2007 SP11_Mitchell_Barbara_Spectrasphere web
Inventory Number: SP 11
Spectrasphere Video
Creative Ingenuity Award for Kaleidoscope 1987
Media: Video; Year Created: 1991
Prime Lens Productions
Value ($45) Mary Boll Collection

Sherry Moser SP10_Moser_Sherry_The-Journey_-Glass_2016 web
Inventory Number: SP 10 (14-01) Sold
Creative Ingenuity Award 1991
Media: Glass; Year Created: 1991
$750 Available for purchase

Steven Gray SP6_Gray_Steven_Parasol_exterior_1985 web SP6_Gray_Steven_parasol_image_1985 web
Inventory Number: SP 6
Creative Ingenuity Award 1993
Media: wood;
Year Created: 1985
Value ($2,200) Mary Wills - Nellie Bly Collection

Steven Gray Gray_Steven_WorldsOfThemselves_1990.JPG-newphoto web
Inventory Number: SP 9
Worlds of Themselves
Creative Ingenuity Award 1993
Media: Year Created: 1990
Value ($3,400) Mary Wills-Nellie Bly Collection

Charles Karadimos SP12_Karadimos_Charles_Tessera web
Inventory Number: SP 12
Creative Ingenuity Award 1994
Media: Fused and slumped glass; Year Created: 1993
Value ($5,500) Charles Karadimos Collection

David Kalish SP25_kalish_David_evolver
Inventory Number: SP 25
Kaleidoscope Art as Social Commentary
Media: Mixed media; Year Created: 2007
Value ($3,500) David Kalish Collection

Judith Paul and Tom Durden SP17_Paul_Judith_Dichroic101_2014_chair web
Inventory Number: SP 17 (05-05)
Dichroic 101
People's Choice Award 2014
Media: Media: Mixed media; Year Created: 2014
Value: ($28,000) available for purchase

Kaleidoscope Inspired Art - Special Exhibit

Paula Nadelstern SP18_Nadelstern_Paula_KALEIDOSCOPIC III Stained Glass Anthology. 72x72. 1989. Whole Quilt. jpeg web
Inventory Number: SP 18
KALEIDOSCOPIC III: Stained Glass Anthology
Kaleidoscope Inspired Art
Media: Textile; Year Created: 1989
Value ($7,500) Paula Nadelstern Collection

Janet Chesnik SP19_Chesnik_Janice_CozyBakerMemorialQuilt_DSC00618 crop web
Inventory Number: SP 19
Cozy Baker Memorial Quilt
Kaleidoscope Inspired Art
Media: Textile; Year Created: 2012
Value ($4,000) Janice Chesnik Collection

Paula Nadelstern SP20_Nadelstern_Paula_KALEIDOSCOPIC XXXV Service for Eight jpeg web
Inventory Number: SP 20
Kaleidoscope Inspired Art
Media: Textile; Year Created: 2012
Value ($30,000) Paula Nadelstern Collection

Paula Nadelstern SP21_Nadelstern_Paula_KALEIDOSCOPIC XXXVIII Millifiori 82 x 82  2013  Whole Quilt Jpeg web
Inventory Number: SP 21
Kaleidoscope Inspired Art
Media: Textile; Year Created: 2013
Value ($30,000) Paula Nadelstern Collection

Paula Nadelstern SP22_Nadelstern_Paula_Kaleidoscopic XXXIX_Right and Wrong Sides Together web
Inventory Number: SP 22
KALEIDOSCOPIC XXXIX: Right and Wrong Sides Together
Kaleidoscope Inspired Art
Media: Textile; Year Created: 2015
Value ($10,000) Paula Nadelstern Collection

Janet Chesnik SP23_Chesnik_Janice_SunburstV_2016_IMG_1388 web
Inventory Number: SP 23
Sunburst V
Kaleidoscope Inspired Art
Media: Textile; Year Created: 2016
Value ($4,000) Janice Chesnik Collection

Bob Ade

297815_10150450824967785_789092784_10812792_578519339_n copy Bob Ade Lynnwood, Washington, United States
Biography Art glass has been my specialization since 1983. My studio is in suburban Seattle where in addition to my stained glass shop, I also have glass kilns for fusing and forming components for the scopes. Some of my featured scopes have complex three-dimensional images, polarized images and poly-angular mirror systems.
Philosophy I am inspired by nature and architecture.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 37-01) Dazzel I IMG_0926.JPG
Dazzel I
Price: $800
2.25" dia. x 9.5" long
Media: Art Glass
Year Created: 2013
Description: This kaleidoscope is made in a cylindrical glass case with a fused diachroic glass pattern, 2-mirror, 6-point mandala and an integral rotating liquid cell. Display stand provided.

Sumiko Akatsu

Sumiko_Akatsu_mon_glass_2015_2d weba Sumiko Akatsu Iwaki-shi, Fukushima,
Biography I was born in 1966. After having worked as a clerk for 12 years, I quit the job because I was more interested in manual works. I then started to work at the studio specializing in traditional hand-dyeing and weaving. I started to learn about stained glass technique in 2003. I have been active as a kaleidoscope artist since 2007 and hold a one-person show every year where I unveil new works.
Philosophy Even a casual view of the sky sometimes moves us. I think "Beauty" is a resonating pass between the world and myself. I would be happy if I could find it by creating kaleidoscopes and convey it to the viewers. My goal is to create kaleidoscopes that offer long lasting pleasure by showing new patterns. All the glass objects, such as thin glass pieces, grains and lines are handmade. I spend much time to make them and choose the pieces, through trial and error, to fit in my object cell.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 100-01) Sumiko_Akatsu_totsu_glass_2015_1b weba Sumiko_Akatsu_totsu_glass_2015_1c web a
Price: $398 Sold
50 mm high x 34 mm x 34 mm
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2015
Description: The shape of the body is inspired by an old porcelain stamp. It is a lovely scope which is small just enough on the palm of the hand. A the glass body is spring color, pink and green, and the inner images are also created to express bright and clear spring atmosphere. I imagined green shoots and tried to make my images to be very fresh. The scope comes with a matching pouch hand-made by my mother. Traditional cloth called "Aizu-Momen" is used.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 100-02) Sumiko_Akatsu_mon_glass_2015_2b eb a Sumiko_Akatsu_mon_glass_2015_2c web a
Mon Purchase Award
Price: $315 Sold
84 mm x 23 mm x 23 mm
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2015
Description: The body is a simple square pillar shape. Mon literally means a stamp in Japanese and images are 4-point ones that look like stamp marks. I have carefully chosen the objects and try to create simple, but changing images with white space. It is like duets or quartets in music. Someone said that this kaleidoscope is something to talk to and listen to. It is lightweight and comfortable to keep looking. The scope comes with a matching pouch hand-made by my mother. Traditional cloth called "Aizu-Momen" is used.
Infinite Visions Purchase Award

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 100-03) Sumiko_Akatsu_bobbin(green)_Wool_2015_3a weba Sumiko_Akatsu_bobbin(green)_Wool_2015_3d web a
Bobbin (Green)
Purchase Award
Price: $175 Sold
115 mm x 44 mm x 44 mm
Media: Wool
Year Created: 2015
Description: It is one of my felted kaleidoscope series. As this is softer and warmer than the glass one, it is well accepted as a gift for the children and as a get-well present for the patient. The wool is dyed in 7 different shades. Many layers of the wool are attached to the plastic body and rubbed to become felt. It is lightweight and warm. The scope body is water proof, so you can wash it. It contains a 2-mirror system with 9-point images. Transparent glass parts and subtle lines make delicate and beautiful images.
The Sir David Brewster Purchase Award

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 100-04) Sumiko_Akatsu_bobbin(pink)_Wool_2015_4a web a Sumiko_Akatsu_bobbin(pink)_Wool_2015_4b web a
Bobbin (Pink)
Price: $180 Sold
145 mm x 45 mm x 45 mm
Media: Wool
Year Created: 2015
Description: It is one of my felted kaleidoscope series. As this is softer and warmer than the glass one, it is well accepted as a gift for the children and as a get-well present for the patient. The wool is dyed in 7 different shades. Many layers of the wool are attached to the plastic body and rubbed to become felt. It is lightweight and warm. The scope body is water proof, so you can wash it. The repetition of 6-point round images are lovely with lots of pink objects that match the body color.

David Bellard

Bellard_David_2015 300v David Bellard Washington, DC, United States
Biography David Bellard is a DC-based photographer and artist whose passion is preserving and advancing the art of film photography. David exhibits his photo and print work regularly in Washington, Northern Virginia and around the world. David is the Creative Director for Global Programs at Rare, an environmental/social marketing NGO
Philosophy I like to rearrange reality through film photography, specifically the immediate visibility of transparent film, whether taking still photos or motion pictures. I learned the language of storytelling by cutting and splicing motion picture film, and I now apply that same language to my still photographs, which I cut and edit to construct new narratives. Because a photograph records a particular point in time, collaging it with other photos re-interprets them all into an entirely new point in the present. The viewer then creates a new point in time, and a new narrative, proving nothing is immutable, not even the moment.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 88-01 ) Massing 1
Massing 1
Price: $800
Media: Transparency Film Collage Photo Print
Year Created: 2015
Description: "Massing 1", color transparency film collage photo print.

Terraform 1 Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 88-02)
Terraform 1
Price: $600
20"x20"x1" (Framed 24"x24"x1")
Media: Color transparency film collage photo print
Year Created: 2014
Description: The four photos that make up this piece were taken on a hillside facing the town [in Turkey] and were all all very similar in composition and lighting. When I started overlapping the frames, the interplay of the colors when I layered them was fascinating by itself, I wondered what would happen if there was negative space inside the images. That's when I cut the circle inside each frame. As you can see here, the layered shots create an otherworldly image.

Color Zen Frequency 8 Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 88-03)
Color Zen Frequency 8
Price: $600
20"x20"x1" (Framed 24"x24"x1")
Media: Color transparency film collage photo print
Year Created 2014
Description: Here are the newest additions to my ongoing Color Zen Frequency series. They are pure, abstract color collages built from photos I've take from a vintage tube television. For these new pieces, I started by making abstract images in photoshop, and burned the images into a DVD slideshow, which I photograph in different ways from the vintage TV. In this series you can see pieces created from both 120mm and 35mm film.

Color Zen Frequency 9 Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 88-04)
Color Zen Frequency 9
Price: $600
20"x20"x1" (Framed 24"x24"x1")
Media: Color transparency film collage photo print
Year Created: 2014
Description: Here are the newest additions to my ongoing Color Zen Frequency series. They are pure, abstract color collages built from photos I've take from a vintage tube television. For these new pieces, I started by making abstract images in photoshop, and burned the images into a DVD slideshow, which I photograph in different ways from the vintage TV. In this series you can see pieces created from both 120mm and 35mm film.

Carolyn Bennett

Bennett_Carolyn_working-985x1024_biophoto_web Carolyn Bennett Mickleton, New Jersey, United States
Biography I have been making kaleidoscopes since 1973. I am sure that in 1985 when Cozy Baker, Charles Karadimos and I set up the first show at Strathmore, none of us expected we would be here again 30 years later. My personal biography has grown but it is the community that was born from the first exhibition that I cherish most. See you all in 30 more!
Philosophy It's Thoreau's statement: "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." I love SEEING with all my senses. A kaleidoscope lets this happen.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 19-01) Bennett_Carolyn_Culmination-of-Accumulation_Acrylic_2016_1
Culmination of Accumulation
Price: $500
11"x 9"x5" includes base as an integral part of the piece.
Media: Acrylic
Year Created: 2016
Description: This teleidoscope is a statement that reflects my career and aesthetics as a kaleidoscope artist. In 1981, I made the first teleidoscope that used a Lucite acrylic ball as the lens. It was called Crystal Vision. In 1983, I obtained a United States Design Patent for Solid Geometry, a Lucite acrylic teleidoscope actually using the reflective quality of the Lucite acrylic as the mirror.
Culmination of Accumulation is exactly that. A teleidoscope done in my earliest style combined with optical qualities that I have become knowlegable about over the years. The base is meant to be a visual playground of graphic shapes that can be looked at though the teleidoscope. This piece will be accompanied by a 12" x 12" framed mandala image.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 19-02) Bennett_Carolyn_duckscope_photograph web
Price: $150 Sold
20" x 20"
Media: Photography
Year Created: 2015
Description: Photography and kaleidoscopic images combined.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 19-03) Bennett_Carolyn_LadyLiberty_lib1 web
Scopio---Lady Liberty
Price: $150
20" x 20"
Media: Photography
Year Created: 2015
Description: Photography and kaleidoscopic images combined.

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 19-04) Bennett_Carolyn_scopio---Cumination_edited-1 web
Price: $150
20" x 20"
Media: Photography
Year Created: 2016
Description: Photography and kaleidoscopic images combined.

Henry Bergeson

Berguson_Henry_IMG_5994_2010 web Henry Bergeson Conifer, Colorado, United States
Biography I started out in the early 1980's as a mechanical engineer working to design and install modern sailing rigs on cargo ships. From there I worked at a place that designed and refined medical equipment. It was there that I discovered modern kaleidoscopes in a gallery near where I ate lunch. I thought to myself, "I could make these." Four months later I was laid off. This was in 1987 and it was time to go somewhere else, so I moved from Boston to Colorado. I have been making kaleidoscopes in one form or another ever since.
Philosophy I attempt to create visually dynamic interior worlds that are enclosed in sculptural shapes.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 69-01) bergeson_henry_Cordalee3_wood_2008_1 web
Cordalee 3 Purchase Award
Price: $950 Sold
15 x 8 x 14 inches
Media: Bubinga and brass
Year Created: 2008
Description: Bubinga Kaleidoscope with internal LED light source and three interchangeable object cases.
The Sylvia and Wallace Baer Memorial Purchase Award

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 69-02) bergeson_henry_Timefly_wood_2012_2 web
Timefly Sold
Price: $650 Sold
13 x 8 x 12 inches
Media: Bubinga and brass
Year Created: 2012
Description: Bubinga and maple kaleidoscope with a nine inch long object tube that slides back and foth as well as twists.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 69-03) bergeson_henry_teleidoscope_wood_2010_3 web
The Teleidoscope Purchase Award
Price: $200 Sold
3 x 3 x 11 inches
Media: Bubinga
Year Created: 2010
Description: A teleidoscope made from bubinga wood that utilizes a two inch diameter crystal ball.
Dimensions of Heaven Purchase Award

Alex Bouteneff

SONY DSC Alex Bouteneff Litchfield, Connecticut, United States
Biography I have always been deeply involved with working with my hands, which has inspired me to make ships-in-bottles, wood inlay pictures, furniture and to build houses. Working with my hands even led me to the point of becoming an ear, nose and throat surgeon. After taking Scott Cole's class in 2008, I fell head-over-heels in love with making and enjoying kaleidoscopes. More recently I began glassblowing and have been combining the two endeavors ever since.
Philosophy Kaleidoscope making requires a combination of good taste and accuracy, in which I believe. My belief in the impermanence of everything fits well with the kaleidoscopic mandala.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 78-01) Bouteneff_Alex_interior_image-seen-thru-glass-scope_pictured170_entry1 web
Hand Blown Glass Kaleidoscope I Purchase Award
Price: $500 Sold
6" x 3"diameter
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2015
Description: Hand blown glass body, smooth bearing turning mechanism, combination dry and wet object chamber with magic of flame-worked glass. Unique.
The Serenity Purchase Award Bouteneff_Alex_HandblownGlassScope_exterior_2015_137_entry1 web

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 78-02) Bouteneff_Alex_blownglass_untitled_ exterior_entry2a web
Hand Blown Glass Kaleidoscope II
Price: $480
7.5" long x 3.5" diameter
Media: Blown Glass, Copper eye piece
Year Created: 2015
Description: Made with a two-mirror system and a dry cell. Hand blown glass body, smooth bearing turning mechanism, with more magic of flame-worked glass. Unique.

Frank Casciani

Casiani_frank_designsinshell_biophoto web Frank Casciani Chula Vista, California, United States
Biography I have been making kaleidoscopes now for over eighteen years. All of my work is made out of a genuine eggshells.
Philosophy Combining the art of a Kaleidoscope with a Genuine Eggshell

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 39-01) Casiani_Frank_Eggstravagant replac web Casiani_Frank_Eggstravagant_interior web
Eggs'travagant Rhea Egg Interchangeable Marble
Price: $330 Sold
10 x 5 x 5 inches
Media: Rhea Eggshell, Jody Fine Marbles
Year Created: 2016
Description: This is of a Numbered edition #44/50 in blue sapphire.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 39-02) Casiani_Frank_AquaSwivelEgg_interior_egghiliration_web Casiani_Frank_AquaSwivelEgg_exterior_eggshiliration_web
Purchase Award
Price: $390 Sold
5 x 5 x 9 inches with stand
Media: Rhea Eggshell Aqua
Year Created: 2016
Description: Swivel egg made with a liquid crystal cell.
The Collector's Purchase Award

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 39-03) Casiani_Frank_MarbleGooseEgg_G-142-CM.jpg replace web
Marble Goose Egg Kaleidoscope
Price: $160 Sold
5 x 5 x 5 inches
Media: Goose Egg body
Year Created: 2016
Description: Eggshell base made with marble object cell.

Thomas Chouteau

Chouteau_Tom_Portrait_web Thomas Chouteau Davenport, Iowa, United States
Biography Tom Chouteau was the first to specialize in larger than life-size kaleidoscopes. Tom possesses a cheerful heart that boosts the spirits of all those around him, as do the large whimsical scopes that are his specialty. Tom's first attempt at an over-size scope was "The Kaleidoscope Wagon" and it was a big hit. He has continued to develop a whole line of seriously playful kaleidoscopes. His forte is making these scopes out of wood and steel with a lot of strange found objects and re-purposed parts that most people would consider junk.
Philosophy I just want to have some fun!

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 89-01) ChouteauI_Tom_GypsyKart_2016_1f web ChouteauI_Tom_GypsyKart_2016_1d web
Gypsy Kart
Price: $12,000
80"x 36"x 56"
Media: Mixed
Year Created: 2016
Description: Old World style Gypsy Kart sporting a giant 3-mirrored equilateral system that has the same objects on the mirrors with lights that changes color which changes the mood and look of the image.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 89-02) ChouteauI_Tom_KaleidoscopeHall_2008_2a web ChouteauI_Tom_KaleidoscopeHall_2008_2e web
Kaleidoscope Hall
Price: $4,000
26" x 56" x 26"
Media: Mixed
Year Created: 2008
Description: The mirrored environment is like looking through a kaleidoscope from the side door. The interior can be arranged with different jewels, coins, tid-bits, etc. The owner can decorate this piece or take any direction to add variety to the viewing experience.

Phil Coghill

Coghill_Phil_biophoto web Phil Coghill Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, United States
Biography Phil Coghill has been a kaleidoscope artist and craftsman since 1988. He began in the medium of stained glass, but since 1998, he has been working mostly in wood, using a variety of native hardwoods to create lathe-turned sculptural exteriors for parlor and hand-held kaleidoscopes. Coghill is a former industrial arts and science teacher with an Industrial Arts Education degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. He has taught stained glass and kaleidoscope-making classes at the University of Louisiana at Louisiana State University.
Philosophy I find creating kaleidoscopes that decorate the home as well as produce images to entertain and stimulate the mind to be challenging and rewarding. It is equally rewarding to see the enjoyment other people experience as they look through the scopes I have designed. Using different woods and decorating techniques and different mirror systems gives me the opportunity for unique artistic expression.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 08-01) Coghill_Phil_NetScopia_strathmore3-004 web Coghill_Phil_NetScopia_strathmore2-021 web
Net Scopia
Price: $290 Sold
10" x 8" x 8"
Media: gourd and wood
Year Created: 2016
Description: Martin gourd with weaving in a portion that has been cut out. It has a wooden kaleidoscope inside that is removable for viewing. Kaleidoscope is 1 1/2" x 8" and has a 2-mirror, 6-point image with a liquid-filled object case that can be turned inside the tube.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 08-02) Coghill_Phil_Cantina_strathmore6-015 web Coghill_Phil_Cantina_strathmore-005 web
Cantina Juror Award
Price: $325
8" x 8" x 4"
Media: canteen gourd, wood, and brass
Year Created: 2016
Description: Half of a canteen gourd with carving, wood-burning, and dye, suspended by two brass tubes and a wooden kaleidoscope on top. Kaleidoscope is 2" x 2" x 8" with a two-mirror, six-point image and an oil-filled object case that can be turned inside the tube.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 08-03) Coghill_Phil_Chamomile_strathmore-015 web Coghill_Phil_Chamomile_strathmore6-019 web
Price: $275 Sold
6" x 7" x 5"
Media: gourd and wood
Year Created: 2016
Description: Gourd shaped like a teapot with carving, and a wood-burned image of a chamomile herb. A small wooden kaleidoscope is inside and removable for viewing. It has 3-mirrors and a dry cell that can be turned inside the tube.

Roy Cohen

RoyCohen2015 web Roy Cohen Tel Aviv, Israel
Biography I started my professional path as a photographer for the Spokesman's Unit, later during architectural studies I discovered my real passion - the colorful and psychedelic world of the kaleidoscope. From the early 1990's onwards, I created, designed and produced thousands of kaleidoscopes, for individuals, corporate companies and institutions. Everything from miniature kaleidoscopes used as jewelry, through to giant sized kaleidoscopes for museum exhibitions.
Philosophy Kaleidoscopes reflect the place where we come from: different cultures, religions, colors and tastes. I believe that my kaleidoscopes reflect the beauty of Israel and that the beauty of the kaleidoscope can help us step forwards into a life of beauty, love and peace.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 28-01) Mr Squishy
Mr Squishy
Price: $140 Sold
2.5 x 6 x 23 cm (width when closed on stand)
Media: Brass and resin
Year Created: 2016
Description: This is a four-mirror system kalesidoscope. The angles of the mirrors in this poly-angular kaleidoscope can be changed by squeezing the kaleidoscope's body. Cohen_Roy_MrSquishy_Brass_2016id1 web

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 28-02) Cohen_Roy_TheVioletFirefly_brassand-uv-light-perspexfibreoptics_2016_id63 web a Cohen_Roy_TheVioletFirefly_brassand-uv-light-perspexfibreoptics_2016_id63 web
The Violet Firefly
Price: $1,500 Sold
43 x 15 x 26 cm
Media: Brass, ultra violet light, perspex fibre optics
Year Created: 2016
Description: The kaleidoscope frame is made out of welded brass. There is a UV torch-light implanted within the kaleidoscope body. This light is transferred through fibre optics, to the hidden oil cell chamber with the flouresent objects which is situated within the kaeidoscope body. This is a two-mirror system kaleidoscope.
Purchase Award
People’s Choice Award Winner

R Scott Cole

Cole_Scott_2012 web R Scott Cole Brasstown, North Carolina, United States
Biography R Scott Cole has been designing innovative kaleidoscopes since 1983. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the United States and has been featured on television in addition to numerous books, magazines, and newspapers. The primary force in his artistic development has been exploring how different materials can be utilized creatively in kaleidoscope design. Consistent with much of his life's work, he enjoys teaching and has conducted workshops in many locations, including Penland, John C Campbell Folk School, Thailand, as well as numerous Brewster Kaleidoscope Society Conventions and other locations across the country. His latest project is a 40-foot, interactive, walk-in silo kaleidoscope. His home and Laughing Eye Studios are in Brasstown, North Carolina.
Philosophy Laugh with your eyes.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 09-01) Cole_Scott_Art-History-101_Brass_2016_500_01 web Cole_Scott_Art-History-101_Brass_2016_500_02 web
Art History 101
Purchase Award
Price: $500 Sold
5" x 3" x 9"
Media: Etched Brass/Wood
Year Created: 2016
Description: This etched brass kaleidoscope features dual mirror mirror systems, ball-bearing turning mechanism, and discs of famous paintings, as well as dry and oil suspension object cells. All discs and cells are interchangeable using an innovative magnet array. It includes a wooden display stand that highlights the discs of paintings.
The Kaleidoscope Shop Purchase Award

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 09-02) Cole_Scott_Steampunk_copper_2016_240_01 web
Price: $240 Sold
2" x 7" x 1.5"
Media: Copper/Aluminum
Year Created: 2016
Description: An etched copper body with an isosceles 3-mirror system, ball bearing turning end with aluminum spokes, and an oil cell with a variety of gears and springs to augment the color palette.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 09-03) Cole_Scott_Pool-Party_2016_60_01 web
Pool Party
Price: $60 Sold
4" x 7" x 4"
Media: Foam/Brass
Year Created: 2016
Description: A family fun kaleidoscope that floats and is waterproof. Virtually unbreakable.

Leif Colson

Colson_Leif_leaving-CO_BioPhoto web Leif Colson Carbondale, Colorado, United States
Biography Leif Colson was born and raised in Northern Idaho. At 18, he moved to Colorado to study photography and it was there he had a chance encounter with a kaleidoscope at a large music festival. After seeing that first kaleidoscope, he knew it would be his mission to create and contribute kaleidoscopes to the live music scene that he loved so much; and, wherever else he could find an occasion to say, "Want to see a neat kaleidoscope I made?"
Philosophy I am a color collector consciously creating constantly changing contraptions. -->

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 02-02) Colson_leif_BicentennialBinoculeidoscope_WoodLeatherGlassAluminum_Entry2 web
Bicentennial Binoculeidoscopes
Price: $1,675
2.25" x 5" x 11.5"
Media: Black Walnut, Maple, Mahogany, Aluminum Tubing, Brass Plate, Spherical Lenses, Mirror
Year Created: 2016
Description: Ever since I started making scopes, my friends have asked me for goggles or glasses of some kind, and this is what I've come up with! Dual identical teleidoscopes aligned in such a way that the tessellations overlap to create a unique illusion of a single kaleidoscopic field of view, even though you are looking through two separate 30/60/90 mirror systems.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 02-03) Colson_Leif_Digi-leidoscope_StainedGlass_2015_Entry3 web
Price: $450 Sold
13.5" x 6.5" x 6"
Media: Stained Glass and Brass
Year Created: 2016
Description: With the prevalence of new technologies, there is never a shortage of digital distractions. Everywhere you go, you can see people staring blankly into the screen of their phone, entranced by whatever is displayed. I figured if people were going to spend so much time staring at a phone, it might as well be kaleidoscoping! With this large scope, you can place your smartphone in the box at the end of the scope, and it will kaleidoscope whatever is displayed into a 3D form! Whether it's one of the millions of videos on YouTube or an audio visualizer, or any of the other colorful apps out there, this scope allows the viewer to explore the digital dimension through a kaleidoscope.

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 02-04) Colson_Leif_RotatoinalTeleidoscope_WoodAluminum_Entry4 web
Rotational Teleidoscope
Price: $450
2.25" dia x 6.25"
Media: Wood, Aluminum Tubing, Glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: I combined an attempt to reduce spherical aberration with an internally rotating mirror assembly and ended up with this! It features 4 lenses from an industrial microscope to make up the objective lens at the front. By turning the objective lens, you are actually spinning the mirror assembly inside the body of the scope

Sally Dryer

DRYER_SALLY1965-2005 web Sally Dryer Jerome, Arizona, United States
Biography For more than 25 years Sally Dryer has specialized in many forms of 3-dimentional design creating master framing projects, large wall installations, and multi-dimensional interactive sculpture. Working in wood, clay, glass and mirror, Dryer creates what she describes as "architectonic" pieces that have gained her a considerable reputation - first, in and around, San Francisco, and now in Arizona. For the past several years Dryer has lived and worked in Jerome, Arizona, a 100 year old mining town, now a thriving artist community with inspirational views of the majestic vistas of northern Arizona. She currently fashions large scale interactive pieces that wander between the worlds of sculpture, architecture and kaleidoscopes.
Philosophy As an artist, I attempt to incorporate the science of kaleidoscopic mirror systems with the mysterious and natural marvels of the world around me. Each of my unique sculptures is made mainly of glass and wood. They are stylized landscapes that contain impressionistic elements, creating a personalized visual journey, tricking your eye into seeing something that extends beyond the frame, and ideally stimulation your imagination. I call my art from "captures". They are frozen moments in time designed to inspire wonder and reflection.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 73-01) EPSON MFP image
Atypical Pearl
Price: $1,400
16" x 22" x 10"
Media: Mixed-media - Wood, glass, silk, mirror
Year Created: 2010
Description: A cubist interpretation of a pearl in an oyster on a bed.

James Duxbury

Duxbury_James_2011 web James Duxbury Graham, North Carolina, United States
Biography An active member of the American Association of Woodturners and the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society, Jim has won numerous awards and ribbons with his original kaleidoscope designs. With the help of his wife, Rita, and inspiration from his pet parrotlet, Bean, creativity abounds in his studio. Constantly creating ways to improve his skills, he enjoys teaching others the craft of woodturning, woodworking, and kaleidoscope construction. Jim's kaleidoscopes are a signature item, each custom designed and hand-crafted. Jim has developed kaleidoscope plans for four different kaleidoscope models and made a comprehensive DVD on the making of them. He has demonstrated kaleidoscope construction and conducted workshops at dozens of AAW Woodturning Chapters throughout the United States and the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society. The abundance of dust from woodturning evolved into the invention of the Resp-O-Rator™ of which he holds two U.S. patents. His website is at Jim has written a number of woodturning related articles which have been published in the American Woodturner, Woodturnings (England), Woodworking (England), Woodturning Design Magazine and numerous other wood journals.
Philosophy A perfectionist known for "thinking out of the box," I pride myself in creating wooden items of beauty that also are designed to function well. My fascination with wood and wood grains, from the most exotic to the common native varieties, and my ability to employ the wood lathe and adapt tools, lead to experiments of new and exciting ideas. I admire creativity and have a keen appreciation for wood as a natural media.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 60-01) Duxbury_James_Harlequin_Wood_2015_1A web Duxbury_James_Harlequin_Wood_2015_1D web
Price: $375
4.25" x 13.5" x 4"
Media: Wood
Year Created: 2015
Description: This exquisite kaleidoscope, constructed of Mexican Ebony and Yellowheart wood has been custom designed to form a "harlequin" pattern of Diamond and Oval Inlays. The rotating oil-filled object box, three-mirror system with a 250 mm eyepiece and prismed outer lens will change the lighting of the objects depending on the angle of the light source. It has wire-burned trim, matching cradle, and numerous coats of lacquer finish to smartly display this elegant piece.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 60-02) Duxbury_James_Around-the-Square_Wood_2016_2B web Duxbury_James_Around-the-Square_Wood_2016_2D web
Around the Square
Price: $490
10.5" x 13.5" x 3.5"
Media: Wood
Year Created: 2016
Description: This unique custom designed hand held wooden kaleidoscope is handcrafted of Walnut and Bloodwood with a matching cradle. The interior is illuminated by three small full spectrum white floodlight bulbs with screw-in sockets, wooden/stainless steel switch, internal wiring, and two AA batteries contained in the handle grip. A square, three mirror system with a 250 mm eyepiece creates a series of square images. The interior illumination allows for solid objects to be contained in the oil-filled rotating object box. This kaleidoscope image is beautiful when viewed in total darkness. The matching cradle allows the kaleidoscope to sit securely, displaying its uniqueness when not in use.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 60-03) Duxbury_James_Time-and-Tints_Wood_2016_2F web Duxbury_James_Time-and-Tints_Wood_2016_2A web
Time and Tints
Price: $595 Sold
12.5" x 13.5" x 5"
Media: Wood
Year Created: 2015
Description: This distinctive custom designed desk model wooden kaleidoscope, "Time and Tints" is handcrafted of Canarywood with a rich Bloodwood trim. The kaleidoscope barrel sits firmly on a pedestal which is pivoted and locked in place by two knobs clamping the elevation harp. The interior is illuminated by three small full spectrum white floodlight bulbs with screw-in sockets, wooden/stainless switch, internal wiring, and two AA batteries contained in a wooden battery box below the barrel. The equilateral three-mirror system with 250 mm eyepiece reflects a series of triangles all the way up the interior of the kaleidoscope. The interior illumination allows for solid objects to be contained in the oil-filled rotating object box. This kaleidoscope image is stunning when viewed in total darkness.

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 60-04) Duxbury_James_Flowing-Fascination_Wood_2015_3F web Duxbury_James_Flowing-Fascination_Wood_2015_3A web lg
Flowing Fascination
Price: $9,980
47" x 22.5" x 22.5"
Media: Wood
Year Created: 2015
Description: This wooden custom designed, handcrafted Cherry with inlaid Maple trim Floor Model Kaleidoscope has many unique features to enhance its beauty and functionality. The kaleidoscope has a crank that drives two sets of wooden gears; one 90 degree silent pair and the parallel pair that click while turning the rotating wooden cylinder containing removable oil filled object boxes of different types. The scope has an eleven position locking elevation harp and can swivel 360 degrees. The swivel is designed with a releasing mechanism to allow the scope to be removed from the stand pillar. This piece is designed to be a quality kaleidoscope as well as a fine piece of furniture. This kaleidoscope contains a three mirror system 30, 60, 90, degree with 333 mm eyepiece and internal lighting consisting of three small full spectrum white floodlight bulbs with screw in sockets, wooden/stainless steel switch, internal wiring, and two AA batteries. This kaleidoscope is beautiful when viewed in total darkness. The stand pillar is enhanced with a celtic knot inlay on the top, fluted with twelve flutes down toward the base, and is slotted to receive the four legs. These legs are also slotted and can be taken apart so that this entire scope can be dissembled into four pieces for easy storage or shipping.

Ladan Ebrahimian

Ebrahimian_Ladan_2014-bio Ladan Ebrahimian Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
Biography Inspired by traditional Persian iconography, botanical and garden art, Ladan has been passionately creating glass art, using the rare reverse painting on glass technique, for over a decade. She has exhibited her art in galleries around the United States. She has worked as a freelance graphic designer and creative art educator. She is a member of the "Glass Reverse Painting Society" in Tehran. Ladan is a lover of nature, a sometimes-reckless dreamer, who adores travel and adventure in search of ideas and unexpected inspiration.

Ebrahimian_Ladan_KaleidoscopeCell_2015_#1a web Ebrahimian_Ladan_Kaleidocell_Glass_2015_3_detail

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 93-01)
Price: $1,700
23 in x 35 in x 2 in
Media: Oil color on Glass & Mirror
Year Created: 2015
Description: A kaledicell is a three dimensional imaginarium containing a suspended reverse painting on glass, and a mirror, placed within a shadow box. The colors, hues, and design of the painted glass, inspired by Persian nature and art, are used to represent the beauty, symmetry, wonder, and biological structure of the living cell. Painted glass creates luminous color, shadows, and refracts light within the box to signify and shape a near spiritual experience for the observer. The qualities of glass, both fragile and strong, make it the perfect medium to represent the ethereal nature of life. The mirror effectively places the observer at the center of the exhibit creating a momentary and highly personal experience. As each observer takes a turn peering into the kaledicell, the private experience becomes communal, and we see ourselves as both a singular being and as one connected to a larger shared and mystical existence. The kaledicell attempts to unite the momentary nature of individual existence with our fascination with the incomprehensible and infinite universe.

Marshall Fisher

Fisher_Marshall_2014 web Marshall Fisher Black Mountain, North Carolina, United States
Biography I have been designing and building kaleidoscopes for more than 20 years. I have shown my work in Washington and New York City area galleries, exhibits and craft shows, including American Craft Council shows, and in a one-man show at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC. I work in my studio in Black Mountain, North Carolina. I also enjoy designing and building furniture, creating architectural stained glass, building toys, and riding motorcycles.
Philosophy Kaleidoscopes represent the perfect mix of external beauty and internal wonder. One cannot tell from the outside what incredible patterns lie inside and the shock of surprise when the two are compared is the greatest pleasure. The challenge of working in wood and glass simultaneously is a constant artistic stimulus.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 90-01) Fisher_Marshall_TimeWarp_wood_2016_1a web Fisher_Marshall_TimeWarp_wood_2016_1d web
Time Warp
Purchase Award
Price: $180 Sold
2.5" x 2.5" x 9.75"
Media: Walnut, cast acrylic, fused glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: This is a three-mirror equilateral prism kaleidoscope with a fluid-filled cell containing torch-worked glass pieces, filaments, and a marble. To me it represents the progress of time in a way that allows one to realize the sudden but beautiful changes one often experiences in life.
John Hayes Memorial Purchase Award

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 90-02) Fisher_Marshall_Jamaica_fusedglass_2015_2a web Fisher_Marshall_Jamaica_fusedglass_2015_2c web
Price: $140 Sold
6" x 4.5" x 10"
Media: Fused glass
Year Created: 2015
Description: This is a three-mirror isosceles prism kaleidoscope with two independently rotating stained glass wheels. I call it "Jamaica" because it reminds me of Red Stripe beer!

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 90-03) Fisher_Marshall_Leeuwenhoek_wood_2016_3a Fisher_Marshall_Leeuwenhoek_wood_2016_3c web
Price: $220
7" x 4" x 15.5"
Media: Walnut, stained and fused glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: This is a three-mirror equilateral prism walnut kaleidoscope with two interchangeable wheels mounted on a base. I call it "Leeuwenhoek" in honor of his work to perfect the microscope.

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 90-04) Fisher_Marshall_ZagDiag_wood_fusedglass_2015_4c web Fisher_Marshall_ZagDiag_wood_fusedglass_2015_4a web
Price: $180 Sold
5" x 3.5" x 11.5"
Media: Mahogany, fused and art glass
Year Created: 2015
Description: This is a four-mirror rectangular prism kaleidoscope with a rotating stained glass cylinder mounted at an angle so as to produce a "zig-zag" diagonal pattern when rotated (hence the name).

Beverly Forester

beverly_forrester web Beverly Forester Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States
Biography I must have been 5 years old when I held my first kaleidoscope. I was fascinated… all those colors turning in the light! It's never changed for me. I love nature: birds and butterflies, flowers and gardens. As the years passed I began experimenting with adding these to my kaleidoscopes. This has become my specialty… bringing together the beauty of nature and the joy and fascination of the kaleidoscope. It is the most amazing thing to see the many beautiful shapes and colors of flowers, leaves, and butterfly wings as they change patterns through the mirrors. I also make custom kaleidoscopes that allow you to collect treasured items and have them made into a very unique keepsake.
Philosophy The movement and colors of a kaleidoscope always bring me joy.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 64-01) Forester_Beverly_DelicateGarden_exterior web Forester_Beverly_DelicateGarden_interior_rosecell3 web
Delicate Garden
Price: $380
7" x 3" x 3"
Media: ceramic, glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: Stoneware pottery made with glass oil cell and 2-mirror system. Lamp worked pieces are combined with flowers and ferns in object cell.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 64-02) Forester_Beverly_ParlorScope_red web Forester_Beverly_ParlorScope_red_interior web
Parlor Scope
Price: $900
12" x 6" x 6"
Media: glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: Parlor scope with a 3-mirror taper system made with ferns in oil cell.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 64-03) Forester_Beverly_IndigoDream_exterior web Forester_Beverly_IndigoDream_detail web
Indigo Dream
Price: $1,200
12" x 6" x 6"
Media: glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: Unveiled at the 2015 Brewster Kaleidoscope Society Convention, this is a limited edition with lampwork and floral in the oil cell and is a 2-mirror system.

Forester_Beverly_BambooAndFern_exterior_view2 web Forester_Beverly_BambooAndFern_interior2 web
Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 64-04)
Bamboo and Ferns
Price: $2,000
12" x 6" x 6"
Media: ceramic, glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: This is a parlor scope on stoneware vase set in a wrought iron stand. Object cell contains bamboo, ferns and lamp worked glass.

Steven Gray

Gray_Steven_2012 web Steven Gray Jerome, Arizona, United States
Biography Steve Gray's love of wood began when he would make trips to his grandfather's wood shop. There he has fond memories of smelling the Black Walnut lumber, poking around in all the small parts drawers and handling the tools that his grandfather used on the lathe. Steve bought his first lathe in 1976 and started making spinning wheels, furniture and cabinets. In 1982, he rediscovered kaleidoscopes and sold his scope creations at craft fairs where they were enthusiastically received. Over the years Steve has contributed to woodworking magazines, demonstrated and taught wood turning and kaleidoscope making and his work has been featured in national and international exhibits. Steve's kaleidoscopes are now represented in galleries in both the United States and Japan.
Philosophy I thought it was blind luck or fate that brought kaleidoscopes into my life. In part that may be true, some bits of good timing, the right input at the right time that sort of thing. Now I see that the kaleidoscope is a metaphor in many ways and for me it is a pulling together of my interests and passions. Woodworking from a succession of ancestors, fascination with gadgets and wondering what lies just the other side of a reflection is pulled together nicely in a kaleidoscope. All in all my life is not luck or fate, it is the culmination of my interests and in a large part focused by kaleidoscopes of which I'm grateful.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 07-01) Gray_Steven_Whirling-Fantasies_Curly-Maple_2013_1a web
Whirling Fantasies
Price: $4,000
18 X 20 X 20 inches
Media: wood
Year Created: 2013
Description: This scope is offered as a signed open edition. The frame holds three different teleidoscopes at different angles and heights, aimed at various objects that are arranged on the turntable. The three scopes can be interchanged with one another for different viewing. The teleidoscopes can be rotated in their holders for again different effects. I have included iridescent fabric for the edition that catches the light in the folds and creases which adds depth and richness to the images that the teleidoscopes pick up. Each scope has a different mirror configuration. One teleidoscope is a three mirror system, one of the angles is very narrow and creates two main mandala. Another scope is three mirror in a rectangle setup with the fourth side being fabric, this creates a double line of rectangle images. The third teleidoscope is quite different in that many lenses of various sizes are moving in a liquid so the image is elastic and moves in unexpected ways, this is in combination with a 5 point two mirror system. The turntable is balanced on three brass cables and is activated with a simple turn by the hand.
Gray_Steven_Whirling-Fantasies_Curly-Maple_2013_1e web Gray_Steven_Whirling-Fantasies_Curly-Maple_2013_1c web Gray_Steven_Whirling-Fantasies_Curly-Maple_2013_1d web

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 07-02) Gray_Steven_Phantom_Curly-Maple-and-Walnut_2014_2b web Gray_Steven_Phantom_Curly-Maple-and-Walnut_2014_2f web
Price: $4,000
15 X 7 X 10 inches
Media: wood
Year Created: 2014
Description: Steven Gray © 2014 "Phantom" is limited to 25 kaleidoscopes and is the 2014 BKS Peoples' Choice award. The 5-mirror system is a concept from a scope that I did previously called "Phantasmic Stratums". The white background in the liquid-filled image cell gives lots of brightness and depth to the image. Finely worked lampwork glass is used in the image cell for a detailed image. The image can be illuminated with an exterior light source directed to the cell with the detached mirror, or use the interior LEDs. The image has a hexagonal pattern and looks something like a honeycomb on hallucinogens that repeats itself in to the darkness below. The body has a stunning grain pattern from curly Maple combined with Walnut and finished with hand rubbed oil finish buffed with carnauba wax to show off the woods. I've had a lot of fun using magnets to attach the winged sculptural elements to the body of the scope that can be removed and repositioned.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 07-03) Gray_Steven_Squeeze-Me_Maple-and-Cherry_2012_3a web Gray_Steven_Squeeze-Me_Maple-and-Cherry_2012_3b web
Squeeze Me
Price: $370 Sold
18 X 20 X 20 inches
Media: wood
Year Created: 2012
Description: Squeeze Me polyangular series was introduced in 2012. The maple and cherry woods have a hand-rubbed, oil finish that enhances the grain of the wood and offers a silky-smooth tactical feel.

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 07-04) Gray_Steven_Peeps_Wood_2014_4b web Gray_Steven_Peeps_Wood_2014_4e web
Price: $270
2 ½" di. X 4 ½" long
Media: wood
Year Created: 2014
Description: The mirror system is a combination of a fisheye lens, reflective tubing and an equilateral mirror arrangement. For the image there is a kaleidoscopic sphere, floating in a colorful array of light flashes.

Jon Greene

Greene_Jon_biophoto web Jon Greene Mashpee, Massachesetts, United States
Biography Cozy Baker, world-renowned kaleidoscope expert, referred to the Chesnik family in her book Kaleidoscope Artistry as among the first artists to popularize the wheeled kaleidoscope. Collectors worldwide find them to be the finest wheeled kaleidoscopes made. Janice and Ray Chesnik founded Chesnik Scopes in 1980, and before long, they became known for their classic styles. Janice's son, Jon Greene, joined the business in 1990 and became owner and operator in 2007. Chesnik Scopes produces a full line of brass-and chrome-plated kaleidoscopes using a variety of beautiful materials in their wheels, such as brilliant Dichroic glass and complex Brazilian Agate slices. In 2015, Jon expanded his full line to include styles with wheels he handcrafts from local Cape Cod shells.
Philosophy To bring beauty to the masses.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 34-01) Greene_Jon_Quint-Essential-1 web
Quint Essential
Price: $1,100 Sold
12.25" high x 10.25" wide (at the base) x 11" deep
Media: flame-painted copper tube/body; brass plated wheels of shells, dichroic glass, millifiore glass and Brazilian agate stone; base of cherry and walnut wood
Year Created: 2015
Description: Jon Greene has outdone himself with this glorious "Quint Essential" pedestal kaleidoscope, aptly named for its five separate mirror systems times five separate wheels for endless enjoyment and wonder. This kaleidoscope is an essential choice for the serious collector!
The Jan Boal Memorial Purchase Award

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 34-02)
Price: $320 Sold
13" H x 4" diameter (wheels)
Media: raw brass tube, later brass-plated; wheels of handbundled Millefiore glass (by Janice & Ray Chesnik) and stained & colored glass; custom swivel pedestal in walnut and brass-plated crown
Year Created: 2016
Description: The Fiesta Brass is a highly desirable, pedestal-style brass kaleidoscope with two interchangeable and independently turning wheels created in a stained glass technique. One of the wheels is composed of hand-picked shells from Cape Cod. The second wheel consists of a combination of stained glass and smooth and textured clear glass. In combination, the two wheels produce a visual intensity akin to viewing a stained glass window in a cathedral. The usual response from a first-time viewer is a gasp and an exclamation of delight. Greene_Jon_JG0007-BR-Lg-Fiesta-Brass-mandala-2 web Greene_Jon_JG0007-BR-Lg-Fiesta-Brass-1 web

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 34-03) Greene_Jon_JG0027-CR-Sm-Ped_-Dichroic-Chrome-1 web Greene_Jon_JG0027-Sm-Ped_-Dichroic-mandala-1 web
Pedestal Dichroic-Chrome
Price: $320 Sold
12.25" tall x 5" wide x 11" deep
Media: chrome-plated brass tube; wheels of chrome-plated textured & dichroic glass; custom black painted popular swivel pedestal
Year Created: 2016
Description: The Pedestal Dichroic Chrome is a highly desirable, pedestal style chrome kaleidoscope with two interchangeable and independently turning wheels created in a stained glass technique. One of the wheels is composed of highly reflective, textured dichroic glass, and the other wheel consists of smooth dichroic glass, which in combination, produces a visual extravaganza of intense color.

Greene_Jon_G0023-BR-Lg-Signet-Agate-Brass-1 web Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 34-04) reene_Jon_Lg-Signet-Agate-Brass_mandala-2 web
Large Signet Agate
Price: $320
12-7/8" tall x 4" diameter (wheels) x 11-1/2" deep
Media: brass-plated tube; brass-plated wheels of Brazilian Agate stone and textured dichroic glass; custom walnut swivel pedestal
Year Created: 2016
Description: The Signet Agate Brass is a highly desirable, pedestal style brass kaleidoscope with two interchangeable and independently turning wheels created in a stained glass technique. One of the wheels is composed of handcut Brazilian agate stone, and the second wheel of highly reflective, textured dichroic glass, which in combination, produces a visual extravaganza of intense color.

Michele Hamsher

Hamsher_Michele_biopic (2) Michele Hamsher Columbus, Ohio, United States
Biography "Painting has been my passion all of my life. I started to dabbling with crayons on my parents' walls in Columbus, Ohio when I was a toddler and I continue to dabble sixty years later. I love to paint and draw and share this passion with others." Michele is a graduate of Ohio Dominican University in art education and made a career of teaching art to young people in Springfield, Ohio. At the same time, she continued working in painting and has become an award recognized watercolorist featured in many exhibits over the years. At the request of a friend, Michele has taken on the new adventure of creating kaleidoscope designs in watercolor.
Philosophy Creating a piece of art is a gift we should never forget. We do it for ourself and at the same time we share our thoughts, emotions and impressions of what we see with others.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 75-01) Hamsher_Michele_InHonorOfJanet_2016_watercolor web
In Honor of Janet
Price: $300
22" x 22"
Media: Watercolor
Year Created: 2015
Description: I created this watercolor with a floral theme using symmetry. It was refreshing to try a different format than what I usually do.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 75-02) Hamsher_Michele_MandalasIntheSun_watercolor (2) web
Mandalas in the Sun
Price: $300
12 in x 36 in
Media: Watercolor
Year Created: 2015
Description: Flowers are nature's mandalas. These sunflowers pay homage to this.

Rodney Haug

Haug_Rodney_biophoto Rodney Haug Hawley, Minnesota, United States
Biography Rodney Haug is a kaleidoscope artist from Hawley, Minnesota. His work is mostly larger scopes and has done several installation projects.
Philosophy I like to create scopes that let people enjoy the beauty of symmetry.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 56-01) Haug_Rodney_Solus_interior_20160305_101110-1 web
Price: $16,000
14" x 10" x 16"
Media: Brass
Year Created: 2004
Description: Solus is one of a kind. It was a joint collaboration with Jim Keats who did the machining and myself who provided the design and dimensions. It was the first but not the last collaboration with Jim. It was one of those, "Let's see if we can do this?" type of projects. Untold hours of labor went into the scope, which was commissioned by a collector but was ultimately replaced with a scope of more appropriate size for the collector's home. Pedestal not included. Haug_Rodney_Solus_exterior_20160305_085407 web

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 56-02) Haug_Rodney_SKVIII_interior_20151126_164054 web Haug_Rodney_SKVIII_exterior_20160305_090516 web
Price: $8,500
19" x 15" x 24"
Media: Brass, aluminum and wood
Year Created: 2015
Description: SK stands for "simple kaleidoscope". I wanted a very simple mechanism but I wanted a large image. I think I succeeded. I love this scope. Roger Meyer collaborated on the machining of the metal components.

Deborah and Kevin Healy

Healy_Deborah_Kevin_portrait_DSC_1254_copy Deborah and Kevin Healy Lompoc, California, United States
Biography We've both always been attracted to shiny, sparking, colorful objects. It's no surprise we work with metals, gemstones, and glass. Our jewelry kaleidoscopes combine multiple mediums that incorporate all the things we love. The kaleidoscope chambers are filled with beach, recycled and dichroic glass. Some pieces also include tiny shells and coral. We collect all the recycled glass from everywhere we go and the beach glass, shells, and coral at our favorite beaches in California and Kauai. That's a really fun perk!

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 38-01) Healy_Deborah_Kevin_GoldVermeilBlueTopaz_exterior web
Gold Vermial with Gemstone
Price: $575
1 x 1 x 1 inches
Media: Gold, Gemstone
Year Created: 2016
Description: Gold, Gemstone

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 38-02) Healy_Deborah_Kevin_RocketSeries#8_exterior web
Rocket Series
Price: $2,900
2 x 2 x 2 inches
Media: Gold, Gemstone
Year Created: 2016
Description: Sterling Silver, 18k gold and gemstones. The chamber is filled with sea and recycled glass. 2-mirror system

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 38-03) Healy_Deborah_Kevin_HeartFloral_exterior web
Heart Floral
Price: $389 Sold
2 x 1 x 1 inches
Media: Jewelry
Year Created: 2016
Description: Sterling Silver

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 38-04) Healy_Deborah_Kevin_WildBee_IMG_0438 web
Wild Bee
Price: $349
1 x 1 x 1 inches
Media: Jewelry
Year Created: 2016
Description: Sterling Silver

Frank Higgins

Higgins_Frank_2010 web Frank Higgins Hook, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Biography Frank has been building kaleidoscopes since 1997. His background is in science and glass art. With his partner and wife, Janet, they run the only studio in the United Kingdom devoted exclusively to design and construction of kaleidoscopes.
Philosophy As the birthplace of the kaleidoscope, I believe in reintroducing the United Kingdom to kaleidosocpes.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 36-01) Higgins_frank_St-Basil_glass_2015_1 web
St. Basil Juror Award Purchase Award
Price: $875 Sold
6 in x 7.5 in x 3 in
Media: Glass, blown, fused, lampworked, flat
Year Created: 2015
Description: Inspired by a visit to cathedral of St Basil, Moscow, Russia.
The Brewster Kaleidoscope Society President Purchase Award

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 36-02) Higgins_frank_MultiMarblescope_glass_2015_set web Higgins_frank_MultiMarblescope_glass_2015_imgs web
Multi Marblescope
Price: $950
2 in x 8 in x 3 in
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2015
Description: Created for a marble collector, will accept spherical objects 28-44 mm dia. Presented here with interchangeable objects: marble, dreamsphere, crystal ball and oil-filled globe.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 36-03) Higgins_frank_Rosewindow_glass_2014_img2 web Higgins_frank_Rosewindow_glass_2014_stand web
Rose Window
Purchase Award
Price: $950 Sold
12 inch on stand or 4 inch freestanding x 8 in x 3 in
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2014
Description: Development of my longrunning "Gothic" cathedral kaleidoscope series to create the full rose window interior view effect.
The Lillian and Louis Lieberman Memorial Purchase Award

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 36-04) Higgins_frank_Hypercube_glass_2014_1 web Higgins_frank_Hypercube_glass_2014_img web
Hypercube Sold
Price: $750
4 in x 7 in x 4 in
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2014
Description: Deliberately simple exterior, this scope concentrates on what I believe to be an unique internal image.

Stephen and Sherry Hopkins

Hopkins_Steve-Sherry-laughing_bio Stephen and Sherry Hopkins Jerome, Arizona, United States
Biography Stephen Hopkins is an experienced wood artist who creates the beautifully crafted exteriors, as well as the mirror systems. He has been making kaleidoscopes for over 25 years. His wife. Sherry, is a watercolor artist who is now creating the lamp-worked pieces and found-item object cells.
Philosophy After individually completing our life careers, we found each other and embraced the different ways in which we saw the world. This was expressed in the first kaleidoscope we made together in which two people look at the same object and see it differently.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 29-01) Hopkins_Stephen_Sherry_ViewOurWorld_2016_interior web Hopkins_Stephen_Sherry_ViewOurWorld_2016_exterior web
VOW: View Our World
Price: $1,200
8 x 10 x 11 inches
Media: wood and glass kaleidoscope
Year Created: 2014
Description: This parlor scope has a book-matched walnut exterior, with a liquid object cell consisting of a combination of dichroic glass and film, custom lamp-worked glass and found items. A dual tapered 3-mirror system creates a sphere, in which two people can simultaneously view the same image and see it differently. Additional interchangeable cells may be purchased separately from the artist.

Kazuyo Ikoma

Ikoma_Kazuyo_tumblr_inline_nzosnaV4qM1tjc50k_1280 web Kazuyo Ikoma Hikone-shi, Shiga-kenn, Japan
Biography I have been collecting kaleidoscopes after I met the long oil wand scope made in China as a souvenir as a French exchange student in 1998. In 2006, I began making kaleidoscopes because of my own enthusiasm for kaleidoscopes.
Philosophy Scoping scopes will change your life!

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 87-01) Ikoma_Kazuyo_Crusty_DSCN2743 web
Price: $180
7 x 12 x 18 cm
Media: Real Bread
Year Created: 2014
Description: I love fun scopes. Scopes should be free from any stereotypes!

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 87-02) Ikoma_Kazuyo_Sakura_DSC09392 web
Price: $280 Sold
8 x 18 x 3 cm
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2015
Description: The expression of Japanese cherry blossom season.

Chikako Ishida

Ishida_Chicako_bio_IMG01409 web Chikako Ishida Nagoya City, Aichi, Japan
Biography Chikako is an artist whose media is glass and mirror. She began making kaleidoscopes in 2002

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 44-01) DSC_0145 DSC_0148
Price: $2,900
300 x 230 x 230 cm
Media: Acrylic, Mirror, Glass
Year Created: 2015
Description: SAMSARA means the endless cycle of birth and suffering and death and rebirth. It has 5 mirrors and 2 different color oil cells. The design of the body of the scope has an endless pattern. The body is inlaid with clear acrylic into black acrylic.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 44-02) DSC_0116 DSC_0112
Price: $3,200
250 x 200 x 350 cm
Media: Acrylic, Mirror, Glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: Around 200 years ago, in 1819, the first kaleidoscope in Japan was called "Sarasa Glass." Sarasa is the name of cotton print patterns. I made this design with inlaid woodwork.

John E. Jones

Jones_John_E_biophoto_web John E. Jones Owego, New York, United States
Biography After a lifetime of wondering how kaleidoscopes were made, I happened upon a kaleidoscope design and building workshop at the John C. Campbell School in Brasstown, NC. I was able to sign up for a class in kaleidoscope design and building by Scott Cole in the spring of 2008. Later in the fall of 2008, I also attended a kaleidoscope class taught by Sheryl Koch at Campbell School. Needless to say I was off and running in the world of kaleidoscope design and building.
Philosophy Sparkling imagery is the challenge of kaleidoscope design and building. The fun of being a kaleidoscope designer is the challenge of making kaleidoscopes out of various materials found in our world. The finished kaleidoscope provides many hours of viewing pleasure to the scope's owner.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 91-01) Jones_John_E_BoxCarKaleidoscopeForMagicViewing_2016_DSCN0491 web
Box Car Kaleidoscope for Magic Viewing (Santa Fe)
Price: $95 Sold
4" x 15" x 24" inches
Media: Train Box Cars Purchase Award
Year Created: 2016
Description: Taking a basic HO train Box Car, then designing and creating a Kaleidoscope with maximum visual magic, was the initial challenge. The secondary challenge was to create a natural railroad setting on which to display the Box Car Kaleidoscope. The Box Car Kaleidoscope is not a toy, but rather an artistic work to be enjoyed by young and old alike.
Light Dancer Purchase Award

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 91-02) Jones_John_E_BoxCarKaleidoscopeForMagicViewing_2016_DSCN0496 web
Box Car Kaleidoscope (Union Pacific)
Price: $95 Sold
3" x 15" x 24"
Media: Railroad Box Cars
Year Created: 2008
Description: Taking a basic HO train Box Car, then designing and creating a Kaleidoscope with maximum visual magic, was the initial challenge. The secondary challenge was to create a natural railroad setting on which to display the Box Car Kaleidoscope. The Box Car Kaleidoscope is not a toy, but rather an artistic work to be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 91-03)
Powerhouse Candy Bar Box Car
Price: $95 Sold
3" x 15" x 24"
Media: Railroad Box Cars
Year Created: 2008
Description: Taking a basic HO train Box Car, then designing and creating a Kaleidoscope with maximum visual magic, was the initial challenge. The secondary challenge was to create a natural railroad setting on which to display the Box Car Kaleidoscope. The Box Car Kaleidoscope is not a toy, but rather an artistic work to be enjoyed by young and old alike.

David Kalish

Kalish_David_BioPhoto_DSCN5445-1024x7681 web David Kalish Oakland, California, United States
Biography David Kalish was born and raised in New York City. He has been designing and producing kaleidoscopes since 1983. His concepts and craftsmanship have earned consistent recognition as distinctive among gallery owners, customers and collectors of fine kaleidoscopes. "I recognize that I'm creating functional art. Initially, I don't want the observer to realize that the piece functions as a kaleidoscope. When that's discovered, the viewer delights in the unexpected surprise. My intention is to create objects that are as alluring on the outside as they are within". David's scopes are sold throughout the United States, in Japan and Great Britain. He now lives and works in Oakland, California.
Philosophy That word 'happiness' is at the core of Chromascope's mission, which is to produce well crafted, quality products that surprise the mind, delight the eye and soothe the soul.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 41-01) Kalish_David_Peacock_exterior
PEACOCK Purchase Award
Price: $595 Sold
11 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches
Media: Stained glass
Year Created: 1994
Description: I set out to create a kaleidoscope that would show a only a fragment of a large mandala. Much the way the fan of a peacock appears when opened in display. The colors of the glass echoes the colors and iridescence of the peacock's wonderful plumage. "Peacock" was originally intended to be a limited edition of 20. This past Spring, I opened a box that contained most of the parts for one that was partially assembled. I decided that, 20 years later, it was time to finish it. This is the recently constructed Peacock number 21 of 21.
Purchase Award

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 41-02) DSCN2219.JPG DSCN1117.JPG
Purchase Award
Price: $250 Sold
13 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches
Media: metal, acrylic, wood
Year Created: 2009
Description: A dual view kaleidoscope featuring a 3-mirror system on one side and a 2-mirror on the other. The centrally located liquid cell is able to rotate independent of the scope body.
Endless Possibilities Purchase Award

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 41-03) DSCN2862.JPG
Price: $185 Sold
10.5 X 1.75 Diameter in inches
Media: metal, wood, acrylic
Year Created: 1987
Description: This scope celebrates the joining of two diverse perspectives. Each side reflects a different kaleidoscopic pattern. It is actually two kaleidoscopes merged into one. As a metaphor for marriage, The Wedding Kaleidoscope® demonstrates that two people can look at the same thing, even at the same time, yet perceive completely different impressions of what it is they are seeing.

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 41-04) Kalish_David_LighthouseFantasy_2013 web DSCN3525.JPG
Price: $595
13 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
Media: glass, metal, wood, acrylic
Year Created: 2013
Description: Tapered 3-mirror system. Handpainted seascape, airbrushed on wood.

Entry 5: (Inventory Number: 41-05) Kalish_David_StarOfIndia_interior web Kalish_David_StarOfIndia1
STAR OF INDIA Purchase Award
Price: $345 Sold
12" x 2.5" x 5.5" inches
Media: metal, acrylic
Year Created: 2008
Description: This scope contains a 2 mirror system. The mirrors are set to produce an 8 pointed mandala. The optics in this scope are exceptionally wonderful! All of its intrinsic beauty is housed within extremely rare and unusual textured tubing, crafted in India. Hence the name "Star of India".
The Image Purchase Award

Charles Karadimos

Karadimos_Charles_biophoto web Charles Karadimos Damascus, Maryland, United States
Biography Charles Karadimos began working with stained glass in 1975 and made the transition exclusively to building glass kaleidoscopes in 1980. In the early days of the kaleidoscope renaissance, his main focus was concerned with creating crisp, vibrant, interior images and exploring and developing mirror systems with crystal clear optics that would produce rich, ever-changing patterns. And he has worked very hard towards mastering the development of the perfect kaleidoscope image. For without the image, it just isn't a kaleidoscope. Charles has designed and built thousands of kaleidoscopes, making each part of every scope by hand. There are no machined parts. Every piece -- down to the smallest shard of glass in the object chamber -- is hand worked and individually selected. All of his scopes feature a multidimensional slumped glass exterior, very nice to hold or display. Every piece is an original, signed, and numbered work of art. Charles' work is exhibited in many galleries, museums and private collections throughout the world. His work is featured in many books and publications and he is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Brewster Award for Creative Ingenuity. From November 2003 until January 2013 he served as one of the Directors of the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society, the international organization of kaleidoscope enthusiasts.
Philosophy Kaleidoscopes represent what is important in a harmonious life, great diversity living together in one place, creating order out of chaos.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 33-01) Karadimos_Charles_Illumination_Glass_2016_1A web Karadimos_Charles_Illumination_Glass_2016_1B web
Price: $6,400
14 x 6 x 14 inches
Media: Fused and slumped glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: Object cell is internally lit (LEDs and battery). Exterior illuminated (beads and side panel). Interchangeable object cells (magnetically attached). Tapered 2-mirror, produces PERFECT 10-point images. Limited edition.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 33-02)
Radiance Karadimos_Charles_Radiance_Glass_2015_2B_red web Karadimos_Charles_Radiance_Glass_2015_2A_red web
Price: $1,800.00
11 x 5 x 13 inches
Media: Fused and slumped glass
Year Created: 2015
Description: Radiance is a multi-dimensional slumped glass kaleidoscope with a multi-layered dichroic "radiant blast" fused on both sides of the white glass body. Perfect 12-point images are produced by a tapered two-mirror system. The free-turning dry object cell is filled with all glass that has been handworked, lampworked, and carefully selected to produce the most random and intricate images. Limited Edition of 10

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 33-03) Karadimos_Charles_Magnum-D_Glass_2015_1A web Karadimos_Charles_Magnum-D_Glass_2015_1B web
Magnum D
Price: $1,000
10 x 3 x 3 inches
Media: Fused and slumped glass
Year Created: 2015
Description: The exterior body of Magnum D uses black glass as a base for multi-layered fused dichroic glass, all encased in clear glass. This multi- layering produces depth and a very dramatic 3D effect. A tapered two-mirror system produces perfect 11-point symmetry. The object cell contains all handworked, hand selected glass along with dry filled ampules, maximizing the randomness, producing beautiful intricate images. Limited edition of 5

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 33-04)
Kpod Paperweight Series: Edition #2 Karadimos_Charles_Paperweight-Series-Edition-2_Glass_2014_1B web Karadimos_Charles_Paperweight-Series-Edition-2_Glass_2014_1A web
Price: $860 Sold
6 x 3 x 2 inches
Media: Fused and slumped glass
Year Created: 2014
Description: The exterior is multi-layered fused dichroic on white glass, infused with bubbles, capped with clear, and then slumped. A tapered two mirror system produces very intricate 9 point images. The free-turning dry object cell contains very select lampworked glass. Edition #2 stands 6" tall and is very heavy for its small size, typical of a paperweight. Limited Edition of 10

Yukinobu Kitamura

Kitamura_Yukinoba_biophoto_2015 web Yukinobu Kitamura Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Biography I started working in stained glass after retirement. I began the creation of the kaleidoscope from about seven years ago.
Philosophy I enjoy creating kaleidoscopes with a variety of materials.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 21-01) Kitamura_Yukinoba_HologramI_2016 web Kitamura_Yukinoba_HologramI_Interior_2016 web
Price: $1,500
300mm x 300mm x 350mm
Media: Resin, Metal
Year Created: 2014
Description: This kaleidoscope can be looked at with both eyes without peeping with one eye. The enclosure is also kaleidoscope structure. The object is driven by a motor.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 21-02)
Mirror-Less Purchase Award Kitamura_Yukinoba_MirrorLess_Interior_2016 web Kitamura_Yukinoba_MirrorLess_exterior_2016 web
Price: $300 Sold
11 x 5 x 13 inches
Media: Fused and slumped glass
Year Created: 2015
Description: This kaleidoscope has no mirror or housing. Objects can be easily attached and detached. The object piece is made of resin only.
The 30th BKS Anniversary Purchase Award

Peggy & Steve Kittelson

Kittelson_Peggy-Steve_2012 web Peggy & Steve Kittelson Clermont, Iowa, United States
Biography Peggy and Steve began their journey in glass in the late 1970's, executing traditional stained glass designs both leaded glass and the Tiffany technique, and began fusing glass in the early 1980's. A meeting with kaleidoscope artist Steven Gray changed their trajectory into making kaleidoscopes and they began creating fine handcrafted kaleidoscopes in 1986. They have become known for their classic 2-mirror imagery, and the highest quality optical reflections defined by the incredible display of miniature glass sculptures found in the object chambers. Each kaleidoscope is a collaboration of both of them, Steve's fusing skills result in clean, crisp definition of design often requiring multiple firing and annealing, and his optics using front-surface mirror create images of the highest standard. Peggy's flame-sculpted glass pieces floating in the oil-filled object chambers are among the most beautiful to be viewed through a kaleidoscope. Their work has been included in many exhibits: Strathmore Hall Art Center in Rockville, Maryland; the National Quilt Museum Kaleidoscope Exhibit in Paducah, Kentucky; Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, Arizona; American Folk Art Museum in New York, NY, & Akron Art Museum, Akron, Ohio as part of the Paula Nadelstern Kaleidoscope Exhibit; a permanent kaleidoscope exhibit at the Teruko Tsuji Memorial Art Museum in Sendei, Japan; the Kaleidoscope Museum of Kyoto; many of their pieces are in the Cozy Baker Collection; and they exhibited at the Smithsonian Craft Show. They have been recognized with numerous awards given at Brewster Kaleidoscope events and glass competitions.
Philosophy We are passionate about changing the perception of kaleidoscopes as inexpensive toys, elevating them to the art form they have become. We have been active educators by opening our studio and giving demonstrations on the magic and science of kaleidoscopes to students of all ages. Through our participation in the Northeast Iowa Artists Studio Tour and other exhibitions, we have been able to teach thousands of people about our art. We also present programs and teach classes on making scopes, but most of all we love sharing the beauty, wonder, and magic to be found in kaleidoscopes. We enjoy knowing that the viewer participates in the randomness of the art and that our work brings childlike wonder to people of all ages.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 32-01) Kittelson_Peggy-Steve_Generations_Sculpture-3D_2015_1 web
Price: $6,000
58" x 37" x 37"
Media: Sculpture-3D Mixed Media (Glass & Metal)
Year Created: 2015
Description: The name "Generations" seems appropriate as this was a collaboration between Peggy, Steve, and grandson Sawyer. In many cases, the joy of kaleidoscopes has been introduced to children by their grandparents, becoming a special shared experience that continues throughout life and passed on to the next generation. As you look into each of three silver anodized aluminum tubes, which contains a different mirror system, you will see a different image, and as you turn the bowl the image changes. The bowl is mounted on a heavy duty ball bearing for ease of turning, and features holes in the bottom to facilitate drainage, or can hold a variety of colorful objects that will create interesting symmetrical images. Mirrors feature 2-mirrors at a 60 degree angle, 3-mirror at 60 degree angle, and 3-mirror at 30-75-75. The scope is heavy, but can be bolted down. This garden scope becomes a piece to be enjoyed by those who view it, sparking conversations between guests, family, and indeed, "Generations"!

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 32-02) Kittelson_Peggy-Steve_A-Garden-In-Spring_Sculpture-3D_2014_2 web Kittelson_PeggySteve_GardenImage_Sculpture-Mixed3D_2014_2A web
A Garden In Spring
Price: $4,600
16" x 13" x 8.5"
Media: Sculpture-3D Mixed Media (Glass & Metal)
Year Created: 2014
Description: For the first in this series, we chose "A Garden in Spring" because of the symbolism of fresh new beginnings, and the flowers we selected are among Peggy's favorites. To create the dimensionally fused exterior, all of the elements are either individually hand cut or flame sculpted with the torch. Each flower is carefully put together and then tack-fused in the kiln at 1400 degrees. One of the cells will contain miniature glass flowers mimicking the exterior, and the other will be filled with pieces creating beautiful contrasting images, each containing just the right balance of dichroic glass to create a stunning harmony for the viewer.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 32-03) Kittelson_Peggy-Steve_Solitude_Sculpture-3D_2011_3 web Kittlelson_PeggySteve_SolitudeImage_Sculpture-Mixed3D_2016_3A web
Price: $2,400 Sold
14" x 12" x 6"
Media: Sculpture-3D Mixed Media (Glass & Metal)
Year Created: 2011
Description: Experience the sense of being in the woods in the autumn, sitting on a fallen tree stump, experiencing the peaceful feeling of "Solitude" that comes from being quiet in that moment. When lighted from the side of the object cell, it emulates the rays of the sun shining through the trees, casting shadows in the colors. For the glass barrel, we selected hand-blown, hand-rolled glass, kiln-formed it to achieve the shape, and attached to the base which is a beautiful black cherry burl. The machined turning end is bronze with a brushed and lacquered finish, and the oil-filled object cell contains flame-sculpted glass pieces. This kaleidoscope object cell utilizes strong magnets for attaching to the scope, providing the capability of additional interchangeable cells which can be purchased separately. Even though it is a numbered limited edition, each "Solitude" is very unique and truly and one-of-a-kind piece for you to enjoy.

Kittelson_PeggySteve_SolarisImage_Sculpture-Mixed3D+_2016_4A web Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 32-04) Kittelson_PeggySteve_SolarisImage_Sculpture-Mixed3D_2015_4C web
Price: $3,600
15" x 12" x 7.5"
Media: Sculpture-3D Mixed Media (Glass & Metal)
Year Created: 2014
Description: An artist's view of the galaxy - perhaps as captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Created by fusing random patterns of dichroic and dichroic frit on the panels, then slumping for the gradual bend. This look at the galaxy is presented in a walnut framework so the scope can be displayed vertically as an art piece or tilted for viewing. The scope features two interchangeable oil filled object cells, one with flame sculpted glass pieces mirroring the exterior and other flame sculpted glass pieces of different hues. The second cell is stored in the base of the display. An edition of 7, but subtle differences in each.

Randy and Shelley Knapp

Knapp_Randy_&_Shelley_Portrait_db web Randy and Shelley Knapp Brookings, Oregon, United States
Biography Randy Knapp was born and raised in the sun swept hills of eastern Oregon. His earlier career began in a glass shop where for ten years he worked to become a master glazier. In his spare time he pursued his love for woodworking. Growing tired of the everyday grind and feeling very passionate about the possibilities of woodworking, he struck out on his own and started Randy Knapp Woodworking. Kaleidoscopes are a natural fit for him because they are multimedia and combine many different skills. Shelley Knapp was raised in eastern Oregon with in intense love of color, her first artistic exposure to color was through quilting in the early 1980's. She continues that love for color by creating the images for their kaleidoscopes with lamp-worked glass.
Philosophy I put my heart and soul into our kaleidoscopes. They fulfill a function that is very important to me, bringing color to the world. If just for a brief moment, someone can find happiness or peace of mind in one of our kaleidoscope images, then I have achieved what I have set out to do.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 65-01) Knapp_Randy_Shelley_Tanoshii-149_2016 web Knapp_Randy_Shelley_Tanoshii-Bright-6_2016 web
Purchase Award
Price: $450 Sold
2 3/4"x 7 1/2" x 2 3/4"
Media: Wood
Year Created: 2016
Description: The word Tanoshii in Japanese translate to "enjoyable" in English. This scope has a two mirror system which produces a five pointed star. The highest quality front surfaced mirror is used in conjunction with a magnification lens making the optics crisp and clear. The body of the kaleidoscope is hand turned by Randy out of beautiful domestic and imported exotic woods. The final touch is a hand rubbed finish which enhances the depth and beauty of the grain in the wood. "Tanoshii" is an open edition. Each one is signed, numbered and dated by the Knapp's. This "Tanoshii" is #149 and is made from Oregon Big Leaf Maple with a bright image.
The Southern Harmony Purchase Award

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 65-02) Knapp_Randy_Shelley_Blissful-Journey-J9_2016 web Knapp_Randy_Shelley_Blissful-Journey-15J_2016 web
Blissful Journey
Purchase Award
Price: $680 Sold
3 1/4" x 7 1/2" x 2 3/4"
Media: Wood
Year Created: 2016
Description: The Knapp's have added a multi wood laminate to the top of the barrel with exquisite burl wood or other highly figured wood as a outer layer. Then they made it stand on its own two feet, which is hand turned from African Blackwood. The object cell is lined with dichroic filters creating a beautiful glowing effect to the images. The image features lamp-worked glass by Shelley. Tiny little glass sculptures created in the flame of the bench torch from imported Italian glass canes are suspended in a fluid filled cell with a striking black background. The front of the object cell has been laminated with layers of black and white acrylic to allow the beauty of the Rose Engine pattern to stand out. "Blissful Journey" Is an open numbered edition. This kaleidoscope is #15 with a jewel tone image. The body of the kaleidoscope is Brown Ebony with a small inlay of maple and then a Redwood burl on top.
The Light Play Purchase Award

Ayaka Kobayashi

Kobayashi_Ayaka_biophoto web Ayaka Kobayashi Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan
Biography Ayaka was born in 1982 and is from Saitama, Japan.
Philosophy I usually make kaleidoscopes with a metal chasing technique. I use precious stones, gemstones and Swarovski crystal beads for objects. My work is made with love.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 61-01) Kobayashi_Ayaka_image6 web Kobayashi_Ayaka_image2 web
Price: $450 Sold
115 x 22 x 22 mm
Media: Titanium, Brass, Stones
Year Created: 2015
Description: The theme of this Kaleidoscope is the ancient sea of “Lemuria” so I named it “Lemurianscope”. I imagine the sea of Lemuria was very beautiful.

Sheryl Koch

Koch_Sheryl_IMG_1085-Small web Sheryl Koch Brasstown, North Carolina, United States
Biography Sheryl has been designing and making kaleidoscopes since 1980 and is an early member of the Brewster Society. While known for making high quality but affordable brass kaleidoscopes, she has reconnected with her stained glass roots from the 1970's and enjoys combining the two mediums to create kaleidoscopes that go beyond the original concept of a 'tube with moving pieces'!
Philosophy I have always felt that kaleidoscopes should be equally beautiful on the outside as well as the inside - something that looks good just sitting there and invites you to discover the beauty that lives inside when you pick it up!

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 12-01) Koch_Sheryl_Full-Circle-Kaleidoscope-2016-1d web Koch_Sheryl_Full-Circle-Kaleidoscope-2016-1b
Full Circle Purchase Award
Price: $1,800 Sold
10.5" x 11.25" x 11.25"
Media: Stained Glass Lamp and Kaleidoscope
Year Created: 2016
Description: I have been working in Stained Glass since 1973 - my specialty was lamps. In 1980 I started making Kaleidoscopes and have been a kaleidoscope artist since then. Two years ago (2014) I wanted to come up with something new for the kaleidoscope convention in Sacramento and my thought was 'Why not combine the two things I love to do?' Hence the Full Circle Kaleidoscope that is also a functioning lamp. The top piece (finial) lifts off to reveal the kaleidoscope eyepiece. Look through that eyepiece to discover a magical kaleidoscope world! Not only is the Lamp Shade (stained glass) lit from the base, but also the rotating tray full of 'magic' is lit from underneath and is filled with lamp worked glass pieces, glass, beads and stringers. The tray is turned by rolling the black wheel on the side of the cherry wood base. There is an on/off switch on the opposite side of the base. This piece is Full Circle #2 in a Limited Edition of 10. Each stained glass lamp shade is a one.
Purchase Award

Koch_Sheryl_3-D-Out-of-this-World-2011-2b web Koch_Sheryl_3-D-Out-of-this-World-2011-2a web

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 12-02)
3-D Kaleidoscope - Out of This World!
Price: $280 Sold
5" x 5.5" x 9"
Media: Stained Glass Kaleidoscope
Year Created: 2011
Description: I discovered this fun kaleidoscope when I was 'playing' with the mirrors! Not only is the image 3-Dimensional, but the spikes radiating out of the 'World' glow! This happens when light is directly overhead where I cut the angle from the end into the body, creating the spike. The other thing that makes this special is the 'magic' (moving pieces) that are actually inside the mirror. There is generally only 1 of each piece. When they are grouped down at the small end of the kaleidoscope, they create an image that is 'Out of this World!

Masayuki Koyama

Masayuki_Koyama_2016 web Masayuki Koyama Kokubunji, Tokyo, Japan
Biography I started producing kaleidoscopes in 2012. I unveiled new kaleidoscopes at the BKS conventions in 2013 and 2014.
Philosophy I find originality of the design very important. My goal is to create big kaleidoscope images which anyone can easily see.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 23-01) Masayuki_Koyama_Steam of the Time_Stained-glass_2016_1cc replacement
Stream of Time
Price: $7,500
14.6" x 7.3" x 11.4"
Media: Stained glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: The outside is made of two kinds of white glass in a technique called "Stairs Composition". One of the notable points with this work is a line of solder finished in bright red. The theme of this work is time. I created characteristic silhouette images with metal objects of various forms such as a hand on a clock or a gear. There is an old Scottish map or a photograph of Sir David Brewster in the background. I surrounded the circumference with a tile of conical checks to make a mysterious different dimensional space in a kaleidoscope. This scope has a very wide window for viewing the whole big picture with both eyes easily. The backlight system is a part of the design of this scope. You can enjoy a clear picture on the same condition anytime, anywhere.

Masayuki_Koyama_Steam of the Time_Stained-glass_2016_1bb replacement Masayuki_Koyama_Steam of the Time_Stained-glass_2016_1f web

Sherry Moser

Moser_Sherry_-2010 web Sherry Moser Cleveland, Georgia, United States
Biography I discovered contemporary kaleidoscopes in the early 1980's. By 1985 I was a full studio artist exclusively making kaleidoscopes. My first kaleidoscopes were simple marble scopes but quickly advanced to complicated mirror systems and sculptural forms. The Journey and the Monet's Garden were awarded the Brewster Society's prestigious Creative Ingenuity Award.
Philosophy My father was a painter and canvases with vivid splashes of color were everywhere in our house, along with tubes of paint, paint brushes and photographs. My father's real job was as a neon tube bender in a sign shop. I loved to tag along and watch him work the glass tubing in the torch. The memories of the soft luminous glow of the neon have remained with me and continue to influence my work today.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 14-01) Moser_Sherry_The-Journey_Interior web Moser_Sherry_The-Journey_-Glass_2016 web
The Journey
Price: $750 Sold
11 x 3 x 3 inches
Media: Stained Glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: Tapered three mirror system with a planet and stars motif sandblasted on the exterior. I was the first to treat and utilize the mirrors as an integral part of the image. The Journey was the fourth winner of the Award for Creative Ingenuity.

Yasuko Nakazato

NAKAZATO_YASUKO_2015 Yasuko Nakazato Nagareyama-shi, Chiba, Japan
Biography I started creating kaleidoscopes in 1998. I have won several awards at the exhibitions in Japan as well as in the US. I have won the People's Choice Award at Brewster Kaleidoscope Society's conventions 4 times since 2007.
Philosophy I am interested in Japanese traditional crafts and I try to combine them with my kaleidoscopes.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 96-01) Nakazato_Yasuko_Wind-Way-1_exterio_2015 web Nakazato_Yasuko_Wind-Way-image_interior web
Wind Way
Price: $3,600
H 14 x W 10 x D 7.5 inches
Media: Glass, Brass
Year Created: 2015
Description: I hope that the viewer feels the wind blowing through this glass sculpture/kaleidoscope. By using clear glass parts that support and adorn this kaleidoscope, I would like to express light wind currents. Also using metal parts with glass is my challenge to enhance the entire design.

Cathy Painter

Painter_Cathy_2015_Covington web Cathy Painter Navarre, Florida, United States
Biography My interest in glass began in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, where I worked at a local stained glass studio which gave me access to some of the most beautiful glass. In 1987, I opened my own studio, "A Touch of Glass", and specialized in custom designed windows, lamps and, of course, kaleidoscopes. In 1992, I opened another studio, "Kaleidoscopes-N-More", in Destin, Florida. I continue to design all styles of stained glass kaleidoscopes. Each kaleidoscope is one-of-a-kind and made with a wide assortment of precious stones, crystals, hand blown marbles, utensils, glass ware, and just about any unique item I can find.
Philosophy Glass was made to be handled.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 51-01) Painter_Cathy_Minature-Kaleidoscope-Necklace_Jewelry_2016_Entry1 web
Minature Kaleidoscope Necklace
Price: $250
2 x 2 x 2 inches
Media: Jewelry
Year Created: 2016
Description: Beaded necklace with miniature kaleidoscope embedded within the design.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 51-02) Painter_Cathy_Marble-Teleidoscope_Stained-Glass_2016_Entry-2 web
Marble Teleidoscope
Price: $195 Sold
2 x 8 x 2 inches
Media: Stained Glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: Stained glass body kaleidoscope with dragon fly embellishment

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 51-03) Painter_Cathy_Flower-Spoon-Scope_Metal_2016_Entry-3 web
Flower Spoon Scope
Price: $175 Sold
2 x 4 inches
Media: Metal
Year Created: 2016
Description: Metal flower on antique silverware creates this kaleidoscope.

Judith Paul and Tom Durden

Paul_Judith_Durden_Tom_gazebo-alt web Judith Paul and Tom Durden Emerald Hills, California, United States
Biography Judith is a kaleidoscope collector by addiction and a kaleidoscope maker by vocation. With degrees in Art History from Brown University and The University of Chicago, as well as extensive study at the Art Institute of Chicago, she has spent her whole life in the visual arts. Her experience as a professional studio photographer, ceramicist, fabric and jewelry designer and glass artist all come into play as she designs and makes kaleidoscopes. Judith lives in Northern California and is married to her "mirror man", Tom Durden. Together they produce collector quality kaleidoscopes from the finest and most unique materials. Her kaleidoscopes have won numerous awards in international competition and are enjoyed in many homes and several museums around the world.
Philosophy There is no greater joy for anyone, and especially for an artist, than to share… and kaleidoscopes are the the perfect medium for sharing. I am never happier than when I am designing one.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 05-01) Paul_Judith_SeasonsInAmerica_2013_exterior_1a web Paul_Judith_SeasonsInAmerica_2013_interior_1c web
Seasons in America
Price: $3,300
closed 9" x 18" x 3.5" - open 9" x 28" x varies
Media: Hand-quilted kaleidoscopes with custom engraved wood stand;
Year Created: 2016
Description: Last piece in a limited edition of 25. Four hand-quilted kaleidoscopes in original designs, celebrating the seasons, each with a unique mirror system and a coordinating cell that echoes the colors of the exterior. Three cells are liquid filled and the autumn cell is dry so one can hear the leaves fall. The cells are interchangeable so there are, in effect, 16 kaleidoscope combinations. The stand is engraved with the title, artists' names and edition number. Very rich - very complex.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 05-02) Paul_Judith_CrystalVine_2013_interior_2d web Paul_Judith_CrystalVine_2013_exterior_2a web
Crystal Vine
Price: $460
11" x 9" x 7.5"
Media: Mixed media - crystal bead mosaic, powder coated aluminum
Year Created: 2016
Description: Perched on a mirror-like ball base covered with hundreds of small aurora borealis glass pieces is a matching silver powder coated kaleidoscope containing a 6-point, 2-mirror system. The liquid filled cell has dichroic glass, crystals, lamp working and wire work. Silver and crystal magic in a sensuous form.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 05-03) Paul_Judith_DichroicStorm_2016_exterior_3a web Paul_Judith_DichroicStorm_2016_interior_3b web
Dichroic Storm Purchase Award
Price: $520 Sold
13.5" x 9.25" x 5"
Media: Painted wood base and powder coated scope embellished with dichroic
Year Created: 2016
Description: Dramatic parlor scope with patterned and textured dichroic pieces mosaiced on both base and the kaleidoscope. The interior is a 7-point, 2-mirror system with a liquid filled cell. Mandalas are brilliantly colored by the dichroic, crystals, and colored wire work in the cell. Lightening on a black, black night. Daring and contemporary.
Robert C. Tupa Purchase Award

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 05-04) Paul_Judith_LeonardosNotebook_2016_interior_4b web Paul_Judith_LeonardosNotebook_2016_exteriorBook_4c web
Leonardo's Notebook
Juror Award
Price: $4,300
closed - 18" x 9" x 3.5" open 28" x 10 x varies
Media: Mixed media - crystal bead mosaic, powder coated aluminum
Year Created: 2016
Description: Hand made suede covered book form holding interchangeable kaleidoscopes and cells with 16 mandala variations.

Entry 5: (Inventory Number: 05-05)
Dichroic 101
Price: $28,000
4 ft. x 2.5 ft. x 2.5 ft.
Media: Painted wood base and powder coated scope embellished with dichroic
Year Created: 2014
Description: Dichroic covered student desk (about 1200-1400 capped fused fire polished individual pieces). Three scope book boxes with dichroic on their spines. 2 different mirror systems and a teleidoscope fitted with a Swarovski faceted crystal. 7 liquid filled cells (interchangeable)- purple, green, pink, blue, turquoise, gold and rainbow. Filled with dichroic and crystals. 15 scope variations. Custom 12 x 12 art book with 80+ mandalas from the scope. SP17_Paul_Judith_Dichroic101_2014_chair web Paul_Judith_Dichroic101_2014_a Paul_Judith_Dichroic101_2014_c

Patricia Peffer

Peffer_Patricia_2014_BioPhoto web Patricia Peffer North Carolina, United States
Biography Patty was born in Canton, Ohio and attended Kingswood Cranbrook Prep Schools, home of Cranbrook Academy of Art. She completed Muskingum College with a degree in Psychology and the University of Florida with a degree in Journalism & Communications. Her kaleidoscope journey began with a class in making kaleidoscopes from Scott Cole at The John C. Campbell Folk School. Patty has volunteered at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. While traveling in Western Europe, she marveled at the stained glass windows of the medieval cathedrals.
Philosophy Work at what you're passionate about.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 94-01) Peffer_Patricia_EdenModel3_2009_IMG_5165 web
Eden Model 3
Price: $7,500
43.88"x 29.36"x 18.30"
Media: Kaleidoscope
Year Created: 2015
Description: Eden Model 3, the floor model of KaleidoView Portals® is a 3-mirror truncated-pyramid system that produces 3 almost complete mandalas with 3-point symmetry. The display chamber has a satiny frosted dome in the background. The colored tumbling pieces are made from transparent acrylic sheets in themed sets of shapes and several subsets of color combinations. The housing frames are made from UV-resistant plastic. Comes on a wooden stand and is approximately 43" tall.

Lori Riley

Riley_Lori_biophoto_2016 Lori Riley Jerome, Arizona, United States
Biography Lori Riley is the daughter of Janice Chesnik of Chesnik Scopes. In 1981, Lori got her start with kaleidoscopes by working for her mother. Lori started making her own line of kaleidoscopes in 1985 and is best known for her line of jewelry kaleidoscopes. She now lives in Jerome, Arizona with her husband and continues to make kaleidoscopes today. Lori also loves teaching the art of making kaleidoscopes.
Philosophy To be kind to all and share the joy of kaleidoscopes.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 70-01) Riley_Lori_OrangeFiestaKaleidoscopeNecklace web
Detachable Orange Fiesta Kaleidoscope Necklace
Price: $210
30" long necklace. Kaleidoscope is 2-1/2" x 1/2"
Media: Glass and metal
Year Created: 2016
Description: The necklace is made of 10 strands of brass chain that has been anodized in orange and is 28" in length. The kaleidoscope is made of multi color dichroic glass in a square shape with a fused glass wheel. The kaleidoscope has been jewelry plated in gold and is attached to the necklace with a bail and magnet. The magnet allows for the kaleidoscope to be detached from the necklace for easy viewing.

Sue Rioux

Rioux_Sue_Biophoto_2016-01-30-16.37.29 web Sue Rioux Kennebunkport, Maine, United States
Biography I have been designing and creating glass Kaleidoscopes since the early 1990's. I work from my home studio surrounded by the nature that inspires me here in beautiful Kennebunkport, Maine.
Philosophy I create Kaleidoscopes that are as interesting and beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 04-01) Rioux_Sue_Mandelight_glass_2016 web
Mandelight Juror Award
Price: $2,300
9 x 4 x 14 inches
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: This piece has flat art glass, fused Dichroic glass and slumped Dichroic glass. The interior has two mirror systems one 3-mirror and one 2-mirror. The object is a large glass turning cylinder and is mounted on a Paduk base.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 04-02) Rioux_Sue_Mandal_glass_2016 web
Price: $1,200
19 x 19 x ½ inches
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: Free standing clear textured and Dichroic glass Mandela sitting in a rod iron base.

Charles Sorg

SORG-CHARLES-2013 web Charles Sorg Gahanna, Ohio, United States
Philosophy The body of the kaleidoscope is the canvas on which I express my vision and inspiration. I want to elevate kaleidoscopes to the level of fine art, an expression of light and beauty, finely executed. Since much of the time the kaleidoscope is on display and not being looked through, I strive to make the exterior a work of art, or as a sculpture, to be regarded and enjoyed on its own merit.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 97-01) sorg_charles_CAESITAS-GLADIUS_glass_2011_1f web sorg_charles_CAESITAS-GLADIUS_glass_2011_1a
Price: $28,041
7"H x 20"L x 6.5"D
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2011
Description: Mirror system: Two mirror, 5 point system. Object case: 3-inch diameter marble made by marble artist: James Alloway. External features: Body is highly ornate and has been slumped. All glass nuggets are hand-made of iridescent blue glass. Back of scope is concave. Materials include: clear glass, iridescent glass, dichroic glass, steel,

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 97-02) sorg_charles_FULL-CIRCLE_glass_2009_2a web sorg_charles_FULL-CIRCLE_glass_2009_2f
Price: $10,067
12"H x 8.5"W x 4"D
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2009
Description: Mirror system: Two mirror, 6 point system. Object case: 2.5" diameter, all glass dry cell, slumped top, contains hand formed transparent, opaque and dichroic glass. External features: Abstract graphics on front and bottom. Back is black glass. Both front and back have been slumped. Miscellaneous: Artist's note: For the first time I have the ability to fuse intricate designs on glass in full color. For my first scope I wanted to duplicate, as closely as possible, an airbrush painting that I did in 1994.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 97-03) sorg_charles_O-TANNENBAUM_glass_2012_2c web sorg_charles_O-TANNENBAUM_glass_2012_2a web
Price: $19,267
20"H x 15.25"W x 5"D
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2012
Description: Mirror system: Two mirror 5 point system. Object case: The image wheel is all glass; side-lit with a 6 tiered, fused and slumped top. It contains glass pieces, mostly transparent, mostly dichroic with some opaque glass; all hand-manipulated. It also contains several slivers of agate, cut and polished by the artist. The body is made out of white glass which was then airbrushed to color it green. The focal point on the front is a large white ornament containing nine iridescent red glass discs. The three bands of white circles, and the one elliptical band near the bottom, are made of iridescent white glass stacked on top of clear glass which is then fused to the base glass, then slumped. The boughs of the tree were formed with brass tubing which are enhanced with solder. The ornaments on the ends of the branches are iridescent cranberry glass fused to dichroic glass.

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 97-04) sorg_charles_TRANSITION_glass_2005_2b web sorg_charles_TRANSITION_glass_2005_2e web
Price: $26,364
12.25"H x 11.25"W x 6.5"D
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2005
Description: Mirror system: Tapered three mirror system. Object case: 3.25" diameter marble made by marble artist: James Alloway. External features: Uniquely shaped marble-scope made with iridescent white and sky blue art glass with many dark blue nuggets. Miscellaneous: Artist's note, "This is a scope that I had wanted to build for several years before I actually started making it. I wanted to make a kaleidoscope (marblescope) unlike anything ever seen. I named this kaleidoscope "Transition" because it represents a shift in my designs to incorporate the slumping of glass. This kaleidoscope is #7 in my Blue Nugget series.

David Sugich

Sugich_David_charlestonDay1_004 web David Sugich Santa Barbara, California, United States
Biography I am a musician and a kaleidoscope artist. I have discovered ways to offer unique and fascinating images that reflect the symmetry of space and nature. I frame them in stained glass because it's also a reflective and colorful medium and best compliments the desired overall expression. I grew up in Santa Barbara in a very creative family and have expressed myself through both craft and performing arts. I just like to make beautiful stuff, and write and sing about it too!
Philosophy What else could be better than making scopes?

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 59-01) Sugich_David_Matrix-Geodesic_2016 web
Matrix Geodesic
Price: $800
16 x 8 x 3 inches
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: Interacting Geodesic Spheres: two kaleidoscopic, one teleidoscopic.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 59-02) Sugich_David_California-Spring-1_2016 web
California Spring
Price: $600
4 x 4 x 18 inches
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: Floral fantasy with California poppies, dragonflies and butterflies.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 59-03) Sugich_David_Nova_IMG_0032_2016 web Sugich_David_Nova_IMG_4392_2016 web
Price: $600
4 x 4 x 16 inches
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: One of my favorite discoveries… far more luck and discovery than invention!

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 59-04) Sugich_David_Poseidon's Palace web
Poseidon's Palace Purchase Award
Price: $900 Sold
16 x 8 x 1 inches
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: Three-dimensional palace with fluid ceiling, walls and chandelier.
The Gabby Purchase Award

Akiko Suzuki

Suzuki_Akiko_Covington_2015 web Akiko Suzuki Suminoeku, 大阪府, Japan
Biography I started production of kaleidoscopes in 2003. My works are on exhibit at museums and galleries. I hold workshops at various opportunities, especially putting efforts into children's classes. My challenge is to create kaleidoscopes with various kinds of media. I attended the BKS convention for the first time in 2015.
Philosophy My goal is to create kaleidoscopes that enrich the mind. During the process of creation, I often rediscover traditional techniques and aesthetic values of Japanese art. I would like to express these with my kaleidoscopes and generate another value to our tradition.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 52-01) Suzuki_Akiko_Season_exterior web
Seasons of Japan/Kyo Shippo
Price: $1,500
190mm x 50mm x 50mm
Year Created: 2016
Description: Kyo Shippo (Kyoto cloisonné enamel) is one of the traditional metal crafts for the interior ornaments of the temples, shrines and imperial palaces. Originally Shippo means "gold, silver, lapis lazuli, pearl, giant clamshell, coral and agate" in Buddhism. Kyoto cloisonné enamel is the art of applying a glass glaze to silver by firing the piece. Suzuki_Akiko_Season_sukura_interior web Suzuki_Akiko_Season_exterior web

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 52-02) Suzuki_Akiko_wood_interior web Suzuki_Akiko_Season_wood set of 3 web
Geomety of Beauty/Parquet
Price: $1,200
190 mm × 50 mm × 50 mm
Year Created: 2016
Description: This is a traditional wood craft combining different kinds and colors of natural wood and it shows mosaic geometric patterns.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 52-03) Suzuki_Akiko_Season_Kyoto set of 2 web Suzuki_Akiko_Kyoto_interior web
Colors of Kyoto/KyoYuzen and Nishijin Brocade
Price: $900 Sold
190 mm × 50 mm × 50 mm
Year Created: 2016
Description:Kyo Yuzen (dyeing technique) is one of the traditional arts of Kyoto and was invented by Yuzensai Miyazaki, who was a painter of folding fans, in the Genroku era (1688-1703). He started drawing patterns directly on a white silk cloth with a brush for a Kimono. Nishijin Brocade is a technique to weave dyed threads and make patterns from them. Both traditional textile techniques used to manufacture silk products are specialties of Kyoto, of which Japan is proud.

Al Teich

Teich_Al_2016 web Al Teich Garrett Park, Maryland, United States
Biography Al Teich has been an enthusiastic photographer since winning a box camera in a jingle contest at the age of 10. His kaleidoscope photos have been included in shows at the American Folk Art Museum in New York City; the Ellipse Arts Center in Arlington, Virginia; the National Press Club in Washington; and at Reflections Kaleidoscopes in Mendocino, California. He's had one-person shows at the Black & White Gallery in Arlington (2005); at the AAAS Art of Science & Technology Gallery in Washington (2006); at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art in Anchorage, Alaska (2007); and at the Penn Place Gallery in Garrett Park, Maryland (2008). His photographs have been featured in The Washington Post, in The Montgomery Gazette, on the cover of Science, and in several books, magazines, and other publications. Six of his photographs are on permanent display at the National Press Club. In his day job Al is Research Professor of Science, Technology and International Affairs at George Washington University. Al has a B.S. in physics and a Ph.D. in political science, both from MIT.
Philosophy As a scientist, I see and enjoy beauty in many things - in science, of course, but also in music and in a wide range of artistic media. I particularly enjoy the symmetry of kaleidoscope images. They can be very beautiful, but they're transient. There is an infinite variety of them but they disappear and can change completely when you turn the kaleidoscope. I try to preserve these images in photographs. I work in black and white so that viewers can focus on the patterns without the distraction of colors.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 98-01) Teich_Al_Old_Blue_Eyes_2008_entry1 web
Old Blue Eyes
Price: $300
12"x12"print, framed 20"x20"
Media: Black and white photographic print
Year Created: 2008
Description: This a 12" square black and white print of a kaleidoscope image displaying seven-fold symmetry.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 98-02) Teich_Al_Northern_Lights_Photo_2013_entry2 web
Northern Lights Neon Glow
Price: $275
14.5 x 4 x 12 inches
Media: Framed and illuminated transparency
Year Created: 2013
Description: This is a kaleidoscope image printed on a transparent sheet and framed and illuminated from the rear.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 98-03)
Infinity Times Seven - Set #1
Price: $525
Four prints, each 14"x14"
Media: Black and white photographic prints
Year Created: 2005-2008
Description: Four black and white prints each framed 14"x14" arranged in a square. Teich_Al_Chevron_Photo_2006_set3a web Teich_Al_Hamachi_Photo_2008_set3b web Teich_Al_Origins_Photo_2005_set3c web Teich_Al_Stellaration_Photo_2006 set3d web

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 98-04)
Infinity Times Seven - Set #2
Price: $525
Four 14"x14" prints arranged in a square.
Media: Black and white photographic prints
Year Created: 2005-2010
Description: Four 14"x14" prints arranged in a square. Images are 8.5"x8.5". Some are printed on metallic paper. Teich_Al_7th_Dimension_Photo_2006_set4a web Teich_Al_Glitters_Photo_2008_set4b web Teich_Al_Invasion_Photo_2009_set4c web Teich_AL-Ornament_Photo_2009_set4d web

Mike and Donna Thibodeau

Thibodeau_MikeDonna_2015 Mike and Donna Thibodeau St. Charles, Missouri, United States
Biography We began making kaleidoscopes in 1994. Our first product was a kaleidoscope kit that we marketed to Junior Achievement Companies to be used as a product the kids manufactured and then sold. We were both JA advisors and though the kit was a great project for the kids, it didn't provide us with much of a challenge or creative outlet. We began making different kinds of scopes; creating different body styles and discovering different ways to create the images. As we learned more about kaleidoscopes, we became involved in the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society, a group of kaleidoscope artists, collectors, and shop owners. This gave us the opportunity to meet many of the people in the kaleidoscope community where we formed connections that both helped us to grow as artists, and to sell our scopes in shops around the country. Our kaleidoscopes are all handmade from domestic or rain forest friendly wood. We take time to examine each piece of wood to create a scope that most dramatically shows the natural beauty of the wood. We are very proud of our kaleidoscopes and hope that they will provide many years of enjoyment.
Philosophy We believe that kaleidoscopes are "two-in-one" pieces of art. The body of the kaleidoscope is a beautiful piece of art that can be displayed but once it is picked up and looked through, the images created can be mesmerizing.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 71-01) Thibodeau_MikeDonna_lgcbnly_wood_1999_1b Thibodeau_MikeDonna_lgcbnly_wood_1999_1c
Price: $135 Sold
2.5" x 2.75" x 10"
Media: Wood
Year Created: 1999
Description: The body of this kaleidoscope is created from domestic walnut, maple, and cherry woods which we put together to create a "cutting board" inlay. (That is where we get its title Large Cutting Board Inlay.) We used a two mirror system that produces a 7-point image. This is a dry chamber tumble scope.

Marc Tickle

Tickle-Marc-April-2015 web Marc Tickle Asheville, North Carolina, United States
Biography I grew up in the south of England in an artistic and creative environment. By age four, I decided to be an artist like my dad. I first left England when I was 22. I traveled to the Canary Islands, the US, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. I stopped by the US again on my way home, took a glass class and proofread a book on kaleidoscopes. That was it, I was hooked and I have been making kaleidoscopes ever since then. That was 22 years ago, and all my experiences continue to influence my creative process today. My work is represented in museums, galleries and private collections around the world. I returned to Asheville in August 2000 where I now live with my wife Jessy and sons Oli and Oscar.
Philosophy I design glass kaleidoscopes that are sculpturally appealing on the outside, and spatially revealing on the inside. Sculptures within sculptures. Combining art with science I strive to achieve three dimensional interior images in my kaleidoscopes that defy the space that they occupy. Using geometric principles, and the aesthetic values of geometry, my work conveys a harmonic balance of shape, colour and form. A strong thread of continuity is carried through from the outside to the interior image. My creative energy is well and truly fed with the design process. In designing my kaleidoscopes, I slump and fuse glass. I use Italian flameworking techniques. I roll out clay and fire the molds upon which I slump the glass. I make my paint from mica powders, which I then use to reverse paint on the glass. I absorb my inspiration from the natural complexity of our surroundings.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 24-01) Tickle_Marc_Laura_Glass_2016_Steve_Mann web
Laura Juror Award
Price: $4,500
17 x 8 x 12 inches
Media: Glass
Year Created: 2016
Description: I designed this new kaleidoscope especially for the exhibition of the 200th anniversary of the kaleidoscope. This piece introduces a new approach for me in using watercolour painting in conjunction with pen and ink and gilding. Much like the methods used in illuminated lettering techniques. The base mandala is all hand drawn and hand painted. The central floating mandala is a liquid filled moving image.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 24-02) Tickle_Marc_framed work_RedLion web
Red Lion
Price: $5,800
24" x 24" Framed
Media: Watercolor Painting
Year Created: 2016
Description: This painting uses watercolor techniques, pen and ink work and finally gilding. The title of the painting represents the red lion on the Scottish heraldic emblem.

A r n y Weinstein

Weinstein_Arny_2010_biophoto web A r n y Weinstein Yonkers, New York, United States
Biography After leaving a lengthy career in the computer field, I started making kaleidoscopes in 2001. Many of my designs incorporate unconventional or unique mirror systems. The scopes have been carried in craft stores and galleries throughout the US and in Japan. I've been exhibiting at art and craft events, winning several category or show awards, and have been featured in the American Craft Council website as well other publications in the New York metropolitan area where I live and work.
Philosophy Be nice. Don't worry. Enjoy kaleidoscopes.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 18-01) Weinstein_Arny_Return_To_Forever_wood_2013_1B web Weinstein_Arny_Return_To_Forever_wood_2013_1C web
Return To Forever (aka Faceted Tower)
Price: $1,500 Sold
12 x 7.5 x 17 inches
Media: Wood
Year Created: 2013
Description: Large 3-dimensional image of a "faceted tower" is viewed with both eyes. The exterior features compound angles at the end of the body (to accommodate the mirror system inside) and in the base which was cut in two and the top portion slid down. Liquid filled cell with lamp-worked glass viewing objects. Woods represented are Bubinga and Ash.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 18-02) Weinstein_Arny_Perspectives_Parlor_wood_2013_2B web Weinstein_Arny_Perspectives_Parlor_wood_2013_2A web
Perspectives Parlor
Price: $700
14.5 x 4 x 12 inches
Media: Wood
Year Created: 2013
Description: Tapered 3-mirror scope features a globe-like image, but has two eye-holes to view from different "perspectives". Through the larger eye-hole, you see the globe at a distance. The smaller eye-hole focuses (with a stronger magnifier) on an 8 point mandala on the surface of the globe just north of the equator. The interior view is created by a liquid filled cell with lamp-worked glass viewing objects. The woods for this scope are Jatoba, Ash and East Indian Rosewood.

Laura J. Wilde

Wilde_Laura_BestMe_Bio web Laura J. Wilde Daly City, California, United States
Biography Laura Wilde is a San Francisco, California area artist who has been making kaleidoscopes for approximately 20 years. She attended Santa Clara University where she obtained a degree in Fine Arts. Her background includes positions in the print industry and various hand-production arts and crafts.
Philosophy Color adds so much to our lives! I enjoy playing with color, and sharing my ideas with others.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 15-01) Wilde_Laura_FarHorizons_acrylic_2014_FH2014_entry1 web
Far Horizons
Price: $200 Sold
12" x 6" x 4"
Media: Acrylic
Year Created: 2014
Description: Look through this scope and see the colors of blue, aqua, white, and soft sand to help you remember a visit to the beach. Shells, beads, small pebbles, and "gems" help remind us of past visits to beautiful, calm beaches in our past - and inspires us to visit them again.

Entry 2: (Inventory Number: 15-02) Laura_Wilde_BlueChina_Acrylic_2013_entry2 web
Blue China
Price: $200 Sold
12" x 6" x 5"
Media: Acrylic and porcelain
Year Created: 2013
Description: Shades of blue and a pure white, similar to the porcelain plates of our pasts. A lovely mandala with those colors is presented when you look through the lens.

Entry 3: (Inventory Number: 15-03) Laura_Wilde_PurpleSiberian_Acrylic_2009_entry3
Siberian Purple Iris
Price: $175 Sold
10" x 4" x 2"
Media: Acrylic and porcelain
Year Created: 2013
Description: Siberian Iris are a favorite type of this lovely flower. Wide petals in a rich, cool purple and white spread out to the sun. The iris is my favorite blossom, and the Siberian is at the top of even that list.

Entry 4: (Inventory Number: 15-04) Laura_Wilde_Butterflies_acylic_2009_Entry4 web
Colorful Butterflies Purchase Award
Price: $175 Sold
9" x 4" x 2"
Media: Acrylic
Year Created: 2009
Description: Butterflies! Floating through the air with gentle movements of their colorful wings. Butterflies seem to drift through the air with little effort, adding touches of color to the sky. The mandala in this scope has an edge with a butterfly silhouette.
The Art Meets Science Purchase Award

Koji Yamami

Yamami-Koji-2008 web Koji Yamami Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Biography Koji was born in Tokyo and studied stained glass at a technical college, but wanted to learn more about art, so in 1984, he came to America and entered Santa Monica College. "I happened to meet a kaleidoscope at a small gallery in Santa Monica and I was shocked by it when I peeked in a small hole that first time; then I thought, "Wow! What is it?" In 1987, Koji started to make kaleidoscopes in Japan. In 1996, he attended his first Brewster convention in Corning, NY. "I was shocked and excited with the variety of scopes in the sales room." Back in Japan, Koji started a kaleidoscope club with other kaleidoscope enthusiasts. "Many TV companies came to us and had interviews because of our unusual activity and they broadcasted our club throughout Japan. This influenced many people, and they came to visit my studio and bought my scopes, I was in a panic! I thought, 'I have to be a kaleidoscope artist!'" In 2007, Koji opened a Kaleidoscope School in Tokyo. In 2013, his kaleidoscopes were featured in a gallery exhibit in Paris, France. Koji has published many books on kaleidoscopes and has won the BKS People Choice Award in 2001, 2003 and 2013.
Philosophy I love making Kaleidoscopes with stained glass as an interior.

Entry 1: (Inventory Number: 71-01) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
AURORA Juror Award
Price: $6,000
13 inch x 11 inch x 6 inch
Media: Stained Glass
Year Created: 2015
Description: I really want to watch the real Aurora someday, this work is made from my imagination. Using stained glass, high pointed 3-mirror system, an oil chamber filled with handmade glass pieces and a little glycerin.