Luminosity Charles Karadimos

This handheld scope is signed “CSKaradimos 2013”.  The slumped glass body is amde from textured white glass with underlying colored tones.  The object cell is created with  iridescent glass on both sides of the cell, with a portion of the colored surface selectively ground off to create a soft, pastel cast over and behind the image.

Kaleidoscope Created: 2013
Kaleidoscope Sub Type: Handheld
Type of Edition: Production Scope
Kaleidoscope Construction: Glass
Glass Type: Slumped Glass
Number of Mirror Systems: 1
2 Mirror, 6 Point

Cell/Object Type
  • Turning
  • Dry Cell
  • Puck

Object Cell Contents: Glass
Image features: Mandala
Lighting features: Side-lit
Background features: Iridescent Glass With Selective Surface Grinding
Lens: Yes
Retail Price: 540
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database entry by: Karen and Doug Norman