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Indecision was a large flower scope – named, signed, dated and numbered.  A limited edition of 75.  Made with fused and slumped glass.  The turning end has a fluid filled cell with a black background.  The cell contents are flame sculpted glass made by Peggy and include a miniature Daisy.  It has a 2M/8P mirror system.

Kaleidoscope Created: 1999
Kaleidoscope Sub Type: Handheld
Type of Edition: Limited
Edition of: 75
Dimensions: 2.5" x 10.5"
Kaleidoscope Construction: Glass
Glass Type: Slumped Glass
Number of Mirror Systems: 1
2 Mirror, 8 Point

Cell/Object Type
  • Turning
  • Liquid Filled Cell
  • Puck

Object Cell Contents: Flamework Glass
Image features: Mandala
Lighting features: Side-lit
Background features: Black
Lens: Yes
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