Gizmo Randy & Shelley Knapp

Gizmo, 1993, production scope, signed and dated. The kaleidoscope is handheld, rested on a somewhat elaborate stand from which it could be easily removed. It had a non-turning end. The cell contained flame worked glass with a bright image.

Kaleidoscope Created: 1993
Kaleidoscope Sub Type: Handheld
Type of Edition: Production Scope
Kaleidoscope Construction: Wood Wood Type: The scope is Madrone wood with Wenge wood accents, the stand is live (wild) edge Box Elder Burl
Number of Mirror Systems: 1
3 Mirror, 3 Point
Mirror System: Equilateral

Cell/Object Type
  • Liquid Filled Cell
  • Puck
  • Non-turning

Object Cell Contents: Flamework Glass
Image features: Full Field
Lighting features: Side-lit
Background features: Black
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database entry by: Karen and Doug Norman