Auction Scope guidelines

  • Any BKS member registered for the Expo may submit an originally designed kaleidoscope for the silent auction.
    Auction Scopes must be created by the individual artist/s submitting the scope.
  • Auction Scopes must be a “one of a kind” design obviously featuring the theme of the auction. The theme of the auction is “Desert Colors”.
  • The design must be original to the artist and the scope design must have been created under the direct supervision of the artist
  • Artist may designate on the auction sheet that limited duplicate special orders may be accepted after the auction for the scope at the final price of the auction. All special orders are to be presented at the showroom desk and will be considered a BKS showroom sale by the artist.
  • Auction Scopes may be a collaboration of artists but will only be eligible for one people’s choice award trophy.
  • Artists set the starting bid. If there are no bids, the scope is returned to the artist. Unveiled scopes also submitted as an auction scope must be a one of a kind kaleidoscope and will only be eligible for the people’s choice award designated for the auction. Any votes received for the artist for the general people choice awards are discarded.
  • Artists will receive 85% of the final price of the auction scope. Only one scope per artist is allowed for the auction.
  • Artists participating in the auction must be registered for the convention.
  • All auction scopes are to be sale ready.  No broken scopes may be displayed or sold.  Questions should be addressed to the convention coordinator and the showroom director.
  • The convention coordinator and showroom director have final say on acceptance and display of all auction scopes and time frame of the auction.

Fill out the Silent Auction Bid Sheet