2024 Expo Logo Brewster International Kaleidoscope Expo
Unveiling Guidelines

Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas
6333 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Arizona, 85250-5428
(480) 948-7750
Thursday June 13th thru Sunday June 16th 2024

  • Only one design per artist is to be unveiled.  More than one scope of the same design may be shown or a grouping of scopes which will be sold together as in a boxed set. Other new designs can be exhibited on your showroom tables.
  • It must be the first time the design has been shown publicly anywhere.  It should not have been sold in a shop or at displayed in another show before it is unveiled at convention.  It must be the first time the design is made public or made available for sale to the public.
  • It is encouraged that an unveiled scope should show growth or personal advancement by the artist or innovation in the field of kaleidoscopes.
  • Artists may unveil one-of-a-kind, limited or open-ended editions or production scopes. First time artists are encouraged to unveil their scopes. We all had a first time and we were warmly welcomed as you will be. It is also OK if the glue is not yet dry.
  • We recommend that you limit your remarks to 3 minutes focusing on the major points of your new work but please do not go over 5 minutes. We love your stories and comments but we also get tired and grouchy in the 3rd hour.
  • Announcements should not be made during your unveiling time. Announcements for special events, shows, shops, books and kaleidoscope related items can be made during the time allotted for opening remarks before the unveiling begins. Announcements are limited to 3 minutes.
  • Please be ready to go to the podium as soon as the artist ahead of you finishes. If you need help taking your work to the podium area please arrange this ahead of time or ask the committee persons in charge of the unveiling to assist.
  • If you need help with English, we can help you ahead of time to prepare your remarks. You may of course speak for yourself or may request someone to read your remarks for you. Practice times can be arranged on Thursday at a podium with a microphone. Written notes help and practicing what you are going to say also helps.
  • Artists who unveil work are eligible for the People’s Choice Award if they are registered for the convention. An unveiled scope may also be entered as an Auction scope. Votes for the Auction Scope People’s Choice award are counted in a separate category from the other People Choice Award votes for unveiled scopes. If an artist’s receives votes for a People’s Choice award and an Auction People’s Choice Award they will not be tallied together but will only be counted in the category they are received.
  • We will do our best with microphones, video and other AV items to give everyone a good look at what you are presenting. The BKS reserves the right to photograph all unveiled work and to use the photographs to promote the BKS and kaleidoscope art.

Please fill out the Artist Unveiling Form. This form is due by 1pm Thursday at the Showroom Sales Desk.