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2023 Classes

Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley
4500 Marriott Drive Raleigh, North Carolina, 27612
Thursday May 18th Sunday May 21st
Originally scheduled for May 2020 but postponed to 2023 due to COVID-19

Class availability is subject to change. Check back for the latest information. See the Schedule page for class locations. In order to purchase a ticket for a class you must first complete the purchase of an Expo ticket. It’s a quirk of the ticketing software we are using.

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Scott Cole
R Scott Cole Necklace Scope
Make a lightweight aluminum and brass necklace kaleidoscope only 1/2″ in diameter. Using ultra thin front surface mirror, you will be able to create a bright, active, colorful, and detailed object chamber (with dichroic, lampworked, and other assorted magic). Included is an Italian 30″ Sterling Silver chain with clasp for added elegance.

Saturday May 20th, 1:00 – 4:30 Sycamore Cost: $165 Slots remaining:1

Scott Cole Necklace class exterior

Kathleen Hunt Ribbon Fantasy
Skill level…FUN
ALL MATERIALS WILL BE SUPPLIED, but if students want to add something meaningful to them, like lace scraps or school colors or beads, Bring it and Go for it!
Assemble pre cut mirrors and use your imagination to decorate exterior. Cost: $72.50

Thursday May 18th, noon – 4:00 Magnolia Slots remaining:7
Saturday May 20th, 1:00 – 4:30 Magnolia Slots remaining:10

Peggy Kittelson A Playday with Peggy

We are going to be fusing small items out of dichroic coated glass such as pendants, earrings, magnets, etc. in a small Quik-fire kiln. All materials and equipment are provided and you will be cutting glass and preparing your pieces for fusing.

Thursday May 18th, 12:00 – 4:00 Glenwood Terrace Slots remaining:0 Cost: $150

Friday May 19th, 1:00 – 4:30 Glenwood Terrace Slots remaining:3 Cost: $150

Photos are samples, your work will vary.

Steve Kittelson Stressed Out – Polarized Kaleidoscope

In this class, Steve will furnish a turned walnut barrel, mirror cut to size, and an anodized turning end with stressed material. In the class, each student will assemble the 9-point, 2-mirror system and build their own object cases. The size of the kaleidoscope is 2 1/4″ x 9 1/2″, and a walnut stand is included.

Saturday May 20th, 9:00 – 12:00 Sycamore Slots remaining:0 Cost: $275

Dan Land Tesla Tessellation
What does Tesla have to do with kaleidoscopes – absolutely nothing except when you make a Tesla Tessellation kaleidoscope. Tesla was the inventor of alternating current.
A tessellation is a repeating pattern that “fills the plain without any gaps or overlaps”. A simpler way to think about it is that a tessellation is a grid based on some shape. There are only 3 “natural” tessellations in kaleidoscopes which requires all the angles of the triangular mirror system to be evenly divisible into 180 degrees: a grid of triangles (made with an equilateral mirror system), a grid of squares or hexagons both made from right triangle mirror systems.

    In this class we will:

  1. Demonstrate SAFELY burning “Lichtenberg” figures in wood using 12,000 volts of electricity (that’s where Tesla comes in)
  2. Discuss and demonstrate how I make “domed” copper eye-caps for kaleidoscopes via “dapping”.
  3. Discuss the differences between cast and extruded plastic for making object chambers.
  4. Discuss how to make a liquid object chamber, start an object chamber and join the plastics together chemically (note: completed object chambers will be provided for your kaleidoscope).
  5. Use jigs to create a right-triangle mirror system.
  6. Assemble a Tesla Tessellation kaleidoscope.
Land Dan Tesla-Tesselation

Saturday May 20th, 1:00 – 4:30 Magnolia Slots remaining:0 Cost: $110

Marc Tickle Marc is offering three different classes.

Mesmer Rising

Mesmerizing is exactly what this scope is. The gentle, silent interaction of the glass pieces falling through the liquid cell creates an intimate connection between the viewer and the image. The cell is static, so the viewer turns the scope slowly, becoming an interactive partner with the unfolding image. Participants will build their own liquid filled cell, and construct a mirror assembly to achieve a symmetrical, 5-point mandala. I’ll share tips and tricks to guide you in making a high-quality Mesmer-Rising scope!
Thursday May 17th, 12:00—4:00 DogwoodSlots remaining:0 Cost: $330

Moulin Rouge
In keeping with the synchronized patterns of the Parisian, iconic dance, the chorus line in a kaleidoscope is a graceful and flamboyant experience. This liquid filled cell and precise mirror assembly will have you viewing your scope for hours! Participants will make their own liquid filled cell and construct their scope with guidance and tips to achieve a high-quality outcome. Give it a try, you know you Can-Can!
Friday May 19th, 1:00 – 4:30 Magnolia Slots remaining:0 Cost: $330

Phoenix Rising

Based on the award winning ’Nebula’ this 6-piece mirror assembly has always reminded me of stylized bird wings. This design features a larger viewing portal and a liquid filled wand for the cell. Two of the mirrors are dichroic mirror. As the scope is rotated the intensity of light changes and thus the image shifts to a dynamic new view. The rotation of the scope also simultaneously operates the function of the liquid filled wand. Participants will construct their own mirror assembly from pre-cut materials. Image outcomes will vary depending on the maker, but those variances will be just as mesmerizing to look at! As always, I will be sharing pro-tips and tricks.
Saturday May 20th, 1:00 – 4:30 Dogwood Slots remaining:0 Cost: $440

Laura Wilde Rainbow Mist

2-mirror, 4 or 5 point system.
Dry independently turning cell.
2” diameter x 4 3/4” tall.
Different color wraps with color “sweeps” as shown on sample.
Rhinestone trim.

Friday May 19th, 1 – 4:30pm Sycamore Slots remaining:1
Cost: $77

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