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  • Sandra Burghaus
  • Location: Dorchester Wisconsin
  • Member Since : 2021
  • Collecting Since : 2019
  • Number of Scopes : I started collecting kaleidoscopes in 2019 and to date own one of Allen's daughters Alicia's scopes ( Mycra) which are almost identical to his hand held scopes.( Melrose Windows) , a Sue Ross huge fused masterpiece that I have been trying to get ANY info on as it is numbered 01/01! that I bought in an Ebay auction.It is missing it's base and I would LOVE to find out the history of this scope to see what base she mounted it on. ...and most recently a large wooden Corki Weeks parlor scope numbered 1987, #44 and hand signed by Corki on the bottom of the scope'..
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I acquired this beautiful kaleidoscope in 2019.It was purchased at an auction by some people I know at an estate auction in Minnesota but it was missing it’s base.There was little to no information with the scope to tell them anything about it. ( I still do not know the scope title but it is signed Sue Ross 01/01  They tried to sell the scope but after not having any luck at that I made an offer.I searched all  Cozy Baker Books and publications/internet to try and find any sort of history of what base it had been on and was not successful As it resembled  Sues large Paisley Fuchsia base I decided to place this scope on a similar  large Tiffany reproduction cattail base so I could enjoy looking through this fabulous work of art.!!


Biography/Collector Statement

I have been creating stained glass since 1978. I designed and created art glass for two separate studios in my life and went on to begin my own business called South Shore Stained Glass in the 1990's. I was prolific in stained glass lampshades, sand carved glass art and currently my own style of kaleidoscopes I call "Story*Scopes". I sold my artwork in galleries throughout Wisconsin and throughout the United states. I had a change in my life in 2002 and had to downsize/ close my business. I began creating again as a business again in 2019 under the new studio name of GlassyHill Art Glass and deliriously HAPPY to have a glass cutter in my hand again..I also began collecting kaleidoscopes. In my early years I had the privilege and honor of meeting Allen Crandell and his family in a class at a studio I was employed and in the years that followed we collaborated on several glass orders. I started collecting kaleidoscopes in 2019 and to date own a Crandell signed Mycra which are similar to the Melrose Windows series , a Sue Ross huge fused glass parlor scope masterpiece( which I am desperately trying to get ANY info on as it is numbered 01/01! ...and most recently a large wooden Corki Weeks parlor scope numbered #44 and hand signed on the bottom of the base and also a 1980"s Corki Weeks brass and copper necklace. I am also proud to have a Carol and Tom Perretti Bubinga handheld wooden scope.Any information on hers is welcome too! I cannot find either scope in any of Cozy bakers publications and I have all of her books! I retired in 2019 and am now a full time glass business again to fill my days with glass!

Why I Collect

I LOVE GLASS.From the time I was a small child sitting in the pew of the Catholic church my family attended I have been ONE with stained glass. Nobody had to tell me to be quiet in church.My eyes traced every lead line in all 12 beautiful windows and studied every fine painted detail in every figure depicted.I held my breath as the rising sun gradually visited every window on the east side of the church and one by one watched the rays of light up each window transforming the hues and colors of the glass. PURE MAGIC. I began making my own glass kaleidoscopes in the 1990's and have been hooked on them ever since.!

Favorite Scope Type

ALL OF THEM .I create mainly marble scopes/tumble scopes but have so many I want to create yet.Some that are in my mind I have NEVER seen before!

Favorite Part of Collecting

Creating stained glass and collecting is my PEACE. It brings to me a joy not found in anything else.It is a separate place I can take myself too.

Favorite Artists

Shanti Devi ,Corki Weeks Sue Ross, Sue Rioux Allen Crandell tom and Carol Paretti.

Searching for...

Any information on a very large Sue Ross fused Floral glass kaleidoscope I acquired .