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  • Suzanne Burnham
  • Member Since : 2017
  • Bryan
  • Texas

Biography/Artist Statement

Dr. Suz Burnham is a veterinarian with a life-long interest in artist pursuits. She comes to kaleidoscope design from a long time interest in ceramic art. Her primary interest has been for making animal sculptures and firing them with raku flash glazes. To design her kaleidoscopes she draws on her skills in throwing, hand-building and altering forms of extruded clay. The pieces are then fired in oxidation or reduction kilns, wood firing kilns and raku using both ready-made glazes and glazes made in the studio. Besides working in clay, Dr. Suz likes to re-purpose discarded items and uses many laboratory instruments that are now obsolete. Maybe it's because she hates to throw stuff away. Being relatively new to kaleidoscope building, Dr. Suz has enjoyed the generosity of spirit she has found in other kaleidoscope makers who are sharing their pearls of wisdom from long years of experience. Her first instructor explained that due to the synchronicity of the universe things tend to line up just when you need them to. This must be the right time in my life for me to build kaleidoscopes, right? Yes!