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  • Sandra Burghaus
  • Location: Dorchester, Wisconsin
  • Member Since : 2021
  • 102921 Draper Road
  • Dorchester
  • Wisconsin 54425
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Biography/Artist Statement

I have been creating stained glass since 1978. I designed and created art glass for two separate studios in my life and went on to begin my own business called South Shore Stained Glass. I was prolific in stained glass windows, lampshades, sand carved glass art and my own style of kaleidoscopes I call "Story*Scopes". I sold my artwork in galleries throughout Wisconsin and throughout the United states. I had a change in my life in 2002 and had to downsize/ close my business. I began creating again as a business in 2019 under the new studio name of GlassyHill Art Glass and deliriously HAPPY to have a glass cutter in my hand again..I also began collecting kaleidoscopes. ,I started collecting kaleidoscopes in 2019 . My line of custom "Story*Scopes" has grown to 40 to date since starting my new business venture.They are all created with a theme chosen by the customer ordering the kaleidoscope.