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  • Sandra Burghaus
  • Location: Dorchester, Wisconsin
  • Member Since : 2021
  • 102921 Draper Road
  • Dorchester
  • Wisconsin 54425
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Biography/Artist Statement

I have been creating stained glass since 1978. I designed and created art glass for two separate studios in my life and went on to begin my own business called South Shore Stained Glass. I was prolific in stained glass windows, lampshades, sand carved glass art and my own style of kaleidoscopes I call "Story*Scopes". I sold my artwork in galleries throughout Wisconsin and throughout the United states. I had a change in my life in 2002 and had to downsize/ close my business. I began creating again as a hobby in 2019 under the new studio name of GlassyHill Art Glass and deliriously HAPPY to have a glass cutter in my hand again..I also began collecting kaleidoscopes. In my early years while teaching stained glass, I had the privilege and honor of meeting and teaching Allen Crandell how to make stained glass artwork and we collaborated on several glass orders .I am friends with him and his lovely family to this day. much as this pandemic allows! I started collecting kaleidoscopes in 2019 .