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  • Patrick Ironwood
  • Location: Sequatchie Valley Tennessee
  • Member Since : 2017
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Made with optical lens, cobalt blue soda-glass, coper wire,adhesives, copper electroform, patina.

Biography/Artist Statement

Star Monkey, Molecular Positive Bio Evolutionary, Transmedia Artist, Citizen Scientist, Inventor, permaculture homesteader, forest bather Forest dweller, Festival advocate, phenomenologist, Self-authoring post theist. Infinite Probability Kaleidoscopes And other optical illusion instruments. The minute detail and intoxicating symmetry of Kaleidoscopes help us remember to look at each moment as unique and sacred, as we explore and experience beauty coming from biological life's first sense--SIGHT. My optical illusion instruments and kaleidoscopes are electroformed copper sculptures reminiscent of ancient archeological objects, which appear to have been under the sea for 100's of years. High-quality military surplus lenses are finely adjusted to focus microscopically on high-quality surface reflective mirrors sealed in water and dustproof, Photoluminescence glass chambers. Inside these hermetically sealed chambers, various viscosities of technical grade synthetic polymer silicone oil remain exceptionally clear and non-reactive so will not change with age, oxidize, or degrade any of the suspended objects, and so the optics stay crisp and vivid. The magical random, continuously changing liquid symmetry inside each kaleidoscope comprises: tiny random found objects, flame-formed and color-saturated glass, safely contains glitter and shiny things. Many of my kaleidoscope's interiors are UV reactive and glow in the dark and under black light. After exposing my kaleidoscopes to a direct light source, find darkness and look again. It may be faint, but the splendid vision awaits. With each turn or gentle movement, a magnificent ever-changing wonder evolves as a flowing cascade of sensorial eye candy expands the awareness of the present moment while watching something extraordinary happen.