2020 Kaleidoscope Expo General Information

The Brewster Kaleidoscope Society Expo has been held every year since 1989 except for 2008 and 2009. We have traveled to 17 states as well as Japan. This year the board is pleased to announce that for the 30th Brewster Kaleidoscope Society Expo we are returning to North Carolina, “First in Flight”.

In previous years we opened the Expo to members and non-members but we changed the non-members $60 more and gave them a membership. This year we are asking non-members to become members first. Simply push the green “Login/Join” button on the navigation bar.

This year we are not using EventBright to manage our Expo ticket sales. That means there will be no fees added to the cost of tickets. However, if you wish to purchase extra banquet tickets, or tickets to classes you must first complete your Expo ticket purchase.

Save the Date: Thursday June 11 thru Sunday June 14, 2020

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

    Several classes will be offered.

  • Caroline Bennett “Chainbow Cone” (workshop)
  • Scott Cole tbd
  • Jon Green tbd
  • David Kalish “The Hypochondriac” or “The Doctor’s Delight” (Build your own kaleidoscope)
  • Steve & Peggy Kittelson tbd
  • Dan Land “Pocket Fireworks” (Build your own kaleidoscope)
  • Sue Rioux tbd
  • Marc Tickle Disco Dandelion (Build your own kaleidoscope)
  • Marc Tickle BKS Hourglass Grande (Build your own kaleidoscope)
  • Marc Tickle Paradox (Build your own kaleidoscope)
  • Koji Yamami Star Lion (Make your own kaleidoscope class)

Airport Info: (RDU) Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Hotel Info

This capital city contains more than 40 free historic attractions and museums. This and 19 other interesting facts about Raleigh can be found at Echo Style ground transportation web site.

Curious about the weather in June? Generally June temps stay in the 80’s. Lots more June weather for Raleigh can be found at ‘Weather Spark’.

updated 2019-07-29